• Defend America. Rebuild the West. Homeschool or Die.

    Welcome to the K-12 Homeschool curriculum for fighting and winning the Culture Wars: The Christendom Curriculum.

    Give your children a solid education in the Bible and the Great Books of Western Civilization, completely free of political correctness.

    Join the only Christian homeschool curriculum that's pro-West, pro-America, anti-Social Justice, anti-multicultural, and anti-globalist: The Christendom Curriculum.

    “Someone is finally just doing something thousands of homeschooling moms contemplate all the time.”

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    Break the spell of the Movie Wizards!

    Learn to interact wisely with TV shows and movies like Sherlock, Gravity Falls, Thor: Ragnarok, National Treasure, The Last Jedi, Lincoln, and more.

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    Culture War, Theology, History, Literature, and More

    October 31, 2019 · Bible,Multiculturalism,America,Culture War,Cultural Marxism
    I’m reading through James Jordan’s excellent Judges: A Practical and Theological Commentary,...
    October 29, 2019 · Bible,Cuckservatives,Trump,Foreign Policy
    Even Gideon had to deal with Cucks back in the days of the kritarchy of Israel: “…when Succoth...
    October 28, 2019 · diversity,Homeschool,Social Justice,race · 2
    "America's Greatest Strength" is about to light up the world of Homeschooling: Homeschooling ...
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  • What Homeschoolers Are Saying...

    “I think you are brave and it's so awesome to see someone wanting to fight back!”

    "Y'all are finally here! I've been hoping and searching for a curriculum like this! Thank you!!!!!"

    “Wow! All ‘conservative Christians’ ever want to do is gently back up and continually give up ground while doing everything they can to apologize for existing and try desperately not to offend someone. So I’m signing up.”

    "I am so excited! We looked at the Glimpse Inside The Christendom Curriculum document. You follow the 5 stages of learning that we believe in. You are a real Christian curriculum without the sugar coating. You believe in teaching children to stand firm in their faith despite culture wars. You use the classical books we love. Your stuff won't cost us $900/ year for each kid. So what's the catch? Haha. Seems too good to be true!"

    “Someone is finally just doing something thousands of homeschooling moms contemplate all the time.”

    “You are doing a great work. Thanks for creating this necessary resource!”

    “This is cool. We're homeschoolers and I'll be watching this closely.”

    "The Christendom Curriculum is really good! Their info and books are excellent for read-aloud literature resources.

    “I admire you for doing this. God bless.”

    “I'm so excited about your program. Good for you!!”

    "Don't listen to the Globalist losers and Cultural Marxists. Keep up the good work."

    “I love everything I have read on your site!”

    “I'm very excited and definitely in!”

    “My husband actually directed me to your curriculum and it sounds wonderful!”

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