• At Last…A Homeschool Curriculum for Defenders of America, and The West

    Welcome to the K-12 Homeschool curriculum for fighting and winning the Culture Wars: The Christendom Curriculum.

    Give your children a solid education in the Bible and the Great Books of Western Civilization, completely free of political correctness.

    Join the only Christian homeschool curriculum that's pro-West, pro-America, anti-Social Justice, anti-multicultural, and anti-globalist: The Christendom Curriculum.

    “Someone is finally just doing something thousands of homeschooling moms contemplate all the time.”

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    Break the spell of the Movie Wizards!

    Learn to interact wisely with TV shows and movies like Sherlock, Gravity Falls, Thor: Ragnarok, National Treasure, The Last Jedi, Lincoln, and more.

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    Here at The Christendom Curriculum, we recently received a message with this question: "Why do...
    August 20, 2020
    Someone recently left this comment on one of our social media posts: “My students learn about...
    What are the implications for homeschooling in the Age of Trump? Have the events of the last few...
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  • What Christendom Curriculum Members Are Saying

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    "I am amazed by all of the information, and guidance to more information, in The Christendom Curriculum. We are truly excited for this school year, or should I say 'year of education'!" — Tiffany

    “The Christendom Curriculum is old-school, pun intended, and the simplicity is refreshing. But there is so much information/education packed into this program. I have spent days learning my way around to get ready for starting with my child. It will be a re-education for me!” — Julie

    “Most politically correct curricula speak against America and expect America to apologize for everything while ignoring what other groups do. Most Christian curricula are being changed because people are offended by the truth. But The Christendom Curriculum tells things the way they are through a Christian viewpoint. Its political views are nationalist. It is pro-West and pro-America." — Ariel

    “To be honest, this program is worth it for the Battle Papers alone! And the prepared reading lists save you hours of time. Love it! Wonderful, God-centered, in-depth educational program for K-12!” — Marian

  • "My daughter is quite happy with The Christendom Curriculum. She likes that there is a lot of reading and not a lot of busy worksheet work, and the opportunity to spend time with me one on one. My three year old wanted to start school as well, so we have been working with her, though with very simple 30-minute lessons. Chapel has been a really positive time for all of us, and the girls really enjoy Jamie Soles' music. Looking forward to continuing their education with this curriculum!” " — Kimberly

    I heard about the Battle Papers on the Dissident Mama podcast and they do not disappoint! There is NO OTHER curriculum like The Christendom Curriculum!” — Matthew

    "The Christendom Curriculum does not just teach the three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – it teaches your child to grow into a culture warrior in the battle to preserve and advance the culture, philosophy, and faith of our ancestors. There is absolutely nothing politically correct about The Christian Curriculum." — Edna

    “We chose the Christendom Curriculum to train our children to be fearless warriors, thoughtful apologists, winsome ambassadors, and dominating settlers for God's Kingdom.”— Stephen

  • "How on earth did you find the gems you have in this curriculum?!? A course in logic by Lewis Carroll??? Essay Writing by Robert Lewis Stevenson??? This is really a brain treat! It's fantastic!" — Debra

    Absolutely fantastic! I honestly didn’t know this kind of curriculum existed. I’m very happy to have stumbled across it!” — Mindy

    "My Dad chose your curriculum because there is no one else who has a Christian Nationalist curriculum. My family is conservative and my Daddy wants me to be prepared to face the United States we live in today." — Anne

    I love the one room schoolhouse' style, so many subjects can be taught as a family. This gives us opportunity for collaborative study and has started a family hobby! My kids are thriving with the math and the phonics. We're loving it and having so much fun!" Delia

  • "As a Christian and veteran home educator, I find The Christendom Curriculum to be far more user friendly and economical, and adaptable to the needs of each child than similar programs." — Jan

    “This is amazing. I have been teaching my kids under the Charlotte Mason method and this is very similar, but I love how this is centered completely around Christian beliefs and values. Thank you for making this so affordable, especially at a time like this. God Bless you!” — Lori

    "This is far better priced than any other program we’ve looked at. I have two children and was ready to spend over $500 on another curriculum until I happened upon this. This is for all children in your household, not each one. Great deal for a complete Christian curriculum." — Michael

    “As an African American I was skeptical and even falsely accused this curriculum and its creators as racist! This is not true at all!! I always felt like I didn't fit in anywhere, because I am an African American who is proud of my country. My heart swells with pride as I think of our founding fathers. I am thankful to live where I do! I am thankful for the freedom I have to help advance the Kingdom of God through educating my children and helping them to understand and be thankful for their Christian Heritage.”Deena

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