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    About The Christendom Curriculum

    Scroll down to find out who we are, what we believe, and why we created America's only Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum for fighting and winning the Culture Wars.

  • We Are A Homeschool Family, Like Yours

    The Christendom Curriculum was not created by a big company, or by a church or organization, but by a homeschool family. My name is William Chad Newsom, the father of the family, and I wrote the essays, guides, and other original materials included in the Curriculum. I have a background in creating training materials, and in professional writing and editing. I have written or contributed to nearly a dozen books, including two novels, as well as writing worldview essays and creating class sessions on Shakespeare, C. S. Lewis, Tennyson, Hemingway, and others, for a popular Western Civilization homeschool curriculum. In 2020, I contributed, along with other Tolkien writers, experts, and scholars, to Hommage à J.R.R.Tolkien - Promenade en terre du milieu, a French-language book on Tolkien. You can read a bit more about me at the bottom of this page.

    We Believe in God, His Son, His Church, and His Kingdom

    We are a Christian family and small business, and as Christians we believe in the historic doctrines of the Christian faith, especially those articulated in the early creeds of the Church, like The Apostle's Creed, The Nicene Creed, and the Athanasian Creed. We are also Protestants of the Reformed variety, and thus are in general agreement with the historic Reformed confessions and catechisms, such as Westminster, Heidelberg, etc.

    The Christendom Curriculum itself is not affiliated with a particular denomination, though it does of course, reflect our personal beliefs in the worldview essays (Battle Papers, as we call them). But we have tried to make this Curriculum beneficial to Christians from a variety of backgrounds.

    We hold the Holy Scriptures to be the inspired and inerrant Word of God, and we accept the miracles of the Bible as historic fact, especially the miracle of the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

    We believe in the Church as God's holy people from every tribe, tongue, and nation. We believe in Christendom: Christ's rule over the nations, as chartered in the Great Commission, where Jesus told us to "disciple the nations" (Matt. 28:19). In keeping with the teaching of the entire Bible, we believe that God established the nations (Genesis 10 and 11), set the borders of their lands (Acts 17:26), commands them to worship and serve him as nations (Ps. 2, Ps. 22:27-28), and has a plan for their healing and restoration in history (Rev. 22:2).

    Because of this Biblical teaching, we are compelled to embrace what is now called Christian Nationalism, and to reject its opposite, Globalism. Nationalism is not Statism—and in this regard, it is worth remembering that the nation is the people, not the government. Thus, Nationalism is about the people of a nation, not its governmental structures, which will inevitably vary from nation to nation. Far from being statists, we favor smaller government, especially at national or federal levels, with power situated as locally as possible. Specifically, we adhere to the concept of subsidiarity, in which the central power is subsidiary to those closer to home, acting only in cases that cannot be resolved locally.

    The Bible compels us to support the efforts of nations to build border walls, remembering that an entire book of the Bible (Nehemiah) is devoted to the building of a wall for Jerusalem; the right of nations to guard their borders and refuse entry to anyone as seems best for the security and safety of their people; and to reject the open borders policies that demand entry and citizenship for anyone and everyone to any Western nation that they choose, in whatever numbers come, regardless of the effects of such numbers on the host countries.

    We also, in light of the Bible's clear teaching, support the rights of all nations, including those of Europe and America, to live undisturbed in their homelands. The Bible thus compels our rejection of Multiculturalism, Globalism, Cultural Marxism, and the Social Justice movement as un-Christian and even anti-Christian programs bent ultimately on the destruction of Christian Civilization. An example of just this kind of thinking is found in the organization Christians Against Christian Nationalism, which specifically rejects the idea of Christian civilization. Such a rejection is utterly contradictory to both the Bible and historic Christian teaching.

    We Created a Homeschool Curriculum Grounded in Culture Warfare and Long-Term Victory

    We are lifelong homeschoolers, and love the home education movement, for which we remain profoundly grateful to God. But we have for some time seen a need for a curriculum that (1) openly and boldly addresses the major civilizational crisis of our time and (2) trains young people to engage in the Culture War with a view toward long-term victory.

    While there are many excellent Christian curriculum choices available to families, there is not, so far as we can tell, a Curriculum that takes up these matters. While I do have a background in creating training materials and in writing Christian homeschool curriculum essays and classes, I did not feel myself to be adequate for the job. But in the belief that waiting for the "right person" to come along is no way to fight a Culture War, my family and I decided to take up the task.

    To learn more about the result of that labor, click one of the links below. We're glad you stopped by, and we would love to have you join us. There's a place for you and your family in the great, history-making battle of our time.

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  • About the Creator: William Chad Newsom

    Other things I've done.

  • William Chad Newsom is the married father of seven homeschooled children. He and his family live in a cabin on a hill in the woods deep in the Southern countryside. He created and compiled The Christendom Curriculum, a Christian Nationalist Pre-K through 12 homeschool curriculum, writing more than a hundred academic and worldview essays, guides, and other original materials for that project. Newsom has written or contributed to nearly a dozen books, including two novels (Polycarp: The Crown of Fire and The Nicholas Book: A Legend of Santa Claus), and Talking of Dragons: The Children’s Books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis. He also wrote worldview essays and class sessions on Shakespeare, C. S. Lewis, Tennyson, Hemingway, and others, for another popular Western Civilization homeschool curriculum. He is a former church drama director and recently adapted Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream for a local homeschool theatre club. In 2020, he contributed, along with other writers and scholars, to Hommage à J.R.R.Tolkien - Promenade en terre du milieu, a French-language book on Tolkien. In addition to The Christendom Curriculum, he is working on other writing projects based in literature, history, education, theology, and fiction.

  • What some smart folks have said about my work...

    In case you were wondering...

  • “William Chad Newsom has accomplished some very important work with this book [Talking of Dragons: The Children’s Books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis]. Many modern Christian parents do not grasp the importance of story to their children’s spiritual and moral health. But not just any story will do. Using the stories of two of the twentieth century’s most gifted and important story-tellers, C.S. Lewis and J.R.R. Tolkien, Newsom provides very shrewd and practical help to parents who want to grow in their love of story, along with their children.”

    Douglas Wilson

    Pastor of Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho, author of What I Learned in Narnia; Why Children Matter; and Beowulf: A New Verse Rendering.

    “Newsom understands the meaning of story for a Christian…Stories—along with words—contain immense power, and we should use that power, aided by Grace, wisely. When we do, Newsom reminds us, we pursue the Good, the True, and the Beautiful. And, the words we read—for good or ill—have power…Therefore, we must always be vigilant—as parents, teachers, and Christians—about the books we read, the books our children read, and the books our friends read. As long as we rely on the Grace of the Logos, we will do well and good, and the whole of western and Christian civilization may very well be renewed, refreshed, and reformed. Armed with imagination and devout dedication to Christ, Tolkien, Lewis, and Newsom are leading the way. Swords drawn, let us follow…and slay dragons.”

    Bradley J. Birzer

    Russell Amos Kirk Chair in History at Hillsdale College, Fellow of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library, author of J.R.R. Tolkien’s Sanctifying Myth: Understanding Middle Earth; Sanctifying the World: The Augustinian Life and Mind of Christopher Dawson; and American Cicero: Charles Carroll of Carrollton.

    “This readable book [Talking of Dragons: The Children’s Books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis] is excellent for parents who wish to have a deep quality of communication with their children. It will also be very useful for librarians and primary school teachers, and those in churches who have responsibilities with children. The author has a firm grasp of the books of Tolkien and Lewis for children, and why they are such powerful examples of Christian writing for today’s world. William Chad Newsom reminds us to savour and treasure the work of two great storytellers who were masters of incarnating Christian meaning in powerful and enduring symbols.”

    Colin Duriez

    Winner, Clyde S. Kilby award, Author of The C.S. Lewis Encyclopedia, J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis: The Story of a Friendship, Tolkien and The Lord of the Rings, A Field Guide to Narnia, The Inklings Handbook, and The C.S. Lewis Chronicles.

    “I have taught AP-level courses for many years, and your book [Polycarp: The Crown of Fire] has many qualities that would even make it worthy of an AP class. As an English teacher, I thoroughly enjoyed the way you wove the story together. I was particularly impressed with the motifs in the novel you created by meaningful imagery and symbolism. The characterization was also very strong; you were able to take fragments of what we know about Polycarp, Papias, and others, and craft beautifully relatable characters. From a literary standpoint, I find the novel exquisite.

    Tag Green
    Head of Middle School
    Providence Christian School of Texas


    “[The Nicholas Book] is a delightful tale, with a lovable family, in an interesting town. The mystery makes the book a page-turner, and the discovery of the answers to the questions posed regarding Santa keep one reading to the last page. Light a fire, pour a mug of hot chocolate, and enjoy this Christmas Story.”

    Nancy Carpentier Brown

    Social Media Director, The American Chesterton Society, contributing editor of Gilbert magazine, and author of the Father Brown Reader series, A Study Guide for G.K. Chesterton’s St. Francis of Assisi, How Far Is It to Bethlehem: The Plays and Poetry of Frances Chesterton, and The Woman Who Was Chesterton, a biography of Chesterton's wife, Frances.

    “William Chad Newsom and his family tirelessly work to advocate for truly conservative and traditional homeschooling – a field of battle that leftists are taking a bit more of everyday. But Newsom always shows up for the fight. He’s a leftism resistor, a brilliant and bold warrior for faith, family, and tradition, and an unReconstructed compatriot with whom I’m proud to be in the trenches.”

    The Dissident Mama

    Writer, the Dissident Mama blog, and host of The Dissident Mama Podcast.

  • What readers have said about my work...

    Readers from around the world...

  • Reader Reviews for Polycarp: The Crown of Fire


    A stirring read for young people.”


    “…very well researched and blends fact with fiction to make an exciting adventure story…”


    “Reading The Crown of Fire was well worth it…I was captivated by the dialogue Newsom powerfully crafted…”


    Well written and chock full of fascinating history and well researched facts.”


    “Perfect reading material, especially the spiritual aspect of the book…[we’re] racing through the book and gaining a good bit of Church history at the same time!”


    Grabs the reader’s attention on page one, and then weaves an action-filled story through to the final page. Drawing from ancient records, William Newsom paints a vivid picture of life during the early days of the Christian church. Once into the story, it is hard to put it down…The accuracy of historical events in Newsom’s writing makes this an enthralling way to learn history.”


    Let yourself be transported to a world far different than our own through the writings of Newsom.”


    “…a thrilling account of the history of the church in the very late first and early second centuries.”


    It is difficult to convey how much I loved this book. I plan to have my kids read it the next time we do Ancient Rome. I think that this is perhaps one of my favorite books ever. Mr. Newsom does a fantastic job of covering the feel of the early Church, the personalities involved, and the issues—along with the persecution—that the Church faced. A fantastic book for kids and adults alike.”


    "I am from Turkey. I live in Izmir and I saw a presentation called "Polycarp" without knowing anything about him. I found out that you had a book about him that had been translated into Turkish. I bought your book and finished it by taking it in my hands twice. I would like to thank you for this masterpiece. I really can see how hard you worked for this book."

    Reader Reviews for Talking of Dragons: The Children's Books of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis


    "Written by a practically lifelong enthusiast of Lewis and Tolkien, fast and easy to read, providing insights even the most studied enthusiasts will enjoy learning or being reminded of. The best thing about this book is the emphasis on what myths actually are and how they are used to represent the Gospel."

    "An interesting, involving and inspiring exploration of the children's books of Tolkien and Lewis, drawing some surprising conclusions about myth and the role of myth in the Bible and the Christian faith."


    "I love how each chapter ends with family activities that immerse children in the worlds of Middle-earth and Narnia with many ideas that encourage kids to express themselves creatively."

    "A nifty little cluster of some of Tolkien's and Lewis's thoughts on storytelling for children; that is to say, storytelling for the world."


    Reader Reviews for The Nicholas Book: A Legend of Santa Claus


    “Since I got the book, I have never had a moment of peace with my niece who wants me to read and reread the book for her all the time even when it’s not bed time. The book actually brought back memories. It’s a wonderfully written book, one that every family needs to have for Christmas.”


    “My family read this while traveling this weekend and what can I say? My 5 year old SAT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING and LOVED IT! He likes short books and stories but he LOVED THIS ONE! I love how it brings out the real meaning of Christmas yet still allows the whimsy of Santa Claus. Awesome book that will DEFINITELY be a new family Christmas Tradition!!! Great author! Look forward to more from him in the future too!”


    A great read for the child who needs more than just a 'yes' or 'no' to the great Santa question – and, perhaps more importantly, to the parent who wishes for some of that magic of Christmas to continue past the classic ‘Santa’ years. A pleasure to read.”


    “This book is an amazing and unique telling of the legend of St Nicholas. It weaves together a rich and deep history, a captivating narrative, and a positively magical message. If you’ve ever wondered how to explain Santa Claus to yourself or your children, this book is for you.”


    “…a fun read… the story is a good one and well written….”