• Love Your Current Curriculum Choice? Hate it? Either Way, You Need The Christendom Curriculum

    • Save Hundreds of Hours of Time
    • A Self-Taught Curriculum
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    The heart of all education—the beginning of wisdom—is the fear of the Lord. Thus Bible study and worship are central to The Christendom Curriculum. We’ve even created a unique Chronological Bible that allows your children to read through the Scriptures in the order the events took place—and to read the books of the Bible in the order in which the people of God would have received them in history.

    Within that Christian and Biblical context, your children will be thoroughly equipped in the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.


    They will read far more books than their government-educated peers.


    They will get far more practice with their writing skills.


    And they will learn culture-warfare skills that are taught in no other curriculum.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does The Christendom Curriculum work?

    The Christendom Curriculum is a large compilation of electronic format books (PDF), mostly older works, free of the politically correct multiculturalism and social justice activism of our day. We also provide a number of helps and guides for parents and students, but the basic setup is very simple: Students spend their academic hours in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Note: for those who prefer to print electronic books, we have some information in the Christendom Curriculum Parent’s Guide to help you.

    How much work will I have to do as a parent?

    As a self-taught homeschool program, The Christendom Curriculum requires very little work for parents to do once the child reaches Year 5 (fifth grade). Because we believe strongly in the necessity of parents passing on their wisdom, faith, and heritage to their children, we allow time for that to happen each day. But there are no tests to grade, no lesson plans to work through, and no homework to supervise.

    How does The Christendom Curriculum teach students about such matters as Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, etc.?

    We provide carefully selected Reading Courses in a variety of subjects related to our current culture wars, including Feminism, Social Justice, Cultural Marxism, Local Reform, and more. Our original Worldview Essays provide essential guidance through the subject matter of each course, and our Reading for Learning method helps young scholars know what to look for, and what questions to ask, as they read. We even provide a short but interesting series on culture wars for younger children, tailored to their age, but going over the principles that will be vital to understand later. No other curriculum is even thinking about these subjects.

    Why focus so much on your own civilization over others?

    This is like asking, “Why focus so much on your own children over others?” To love your own in no way means that you must harbor bad feelings toward others. Besides, it would be somewhat arrogant for us to presume to teach people of other civilizations how to handle their own cultures. While we believe God wants a diversity of nations, each serving and glorifying Him in their own cultural ways, we know our own civilization better than we know others; and frankly, our civilization is in great trouble now, and needs a little attention.​

    Do you believe Western Civilization is better than all others in every way?

    No, every nation and civilization has its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, one of the important principles guiding The Christendom Curriculum is that the West, including America, has turned away from God, and needs to repent in order to return to the cultural greatness we once had.

  • Today Is a New Beginning

    This is your chance to begin passing on the legacy of Christendom to your children. It’s time to reclaim what has been lost and raise up a new generation to defend and rebuild America and Western Civilization.


    Replace or supplement your homeschool program with The Christendom Curriculum today, and you’ll get a complete K-12 homeschool curriculum free of political correctness, for only $187.00 $99.99/year.