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A Curse Has Been

Lifted From Our Land

Roe Vs. Wade has been crushed into the dust.

A fifty-year battle with devourers of children has ended in victory.

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A battle, not a war. If I might paraphrase Gandalf, "The Battle for Roe is over. The Battle for Life in the States has just begun."

Still, this is a mighty victory, a sign, I believe, that God has not abandoned us, and that the evil men of our times "will not make further progress; for their folly will be obvious to all, just as Jannes’s and Jambres’s folly was also" (I Tim. 3:9).

Remember: a victory like this one ought to remind us that God is not finished with this world. He has a plan for it and means to see it through. He strictly charged us to disciple every nation, and He expects us to finish that work.

Trouble, persecution, and obstacles are not signs of the end times: they are reminders that we still have much work to do.

But such a victory as today is also a reminder: that, despite our many failures, God is striking back on our behalf, using even the unlikeliest of heroes to do His will.

History isn't over yet. It's just beginning.

Be of good cheer. Prepare for the day when all the idols are destroyed, and every enemy cast down; when our nations joyfully serve Christ once again. Rejoice in this victory. Cultivate hope and joy. And pray without ceasing.