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"Anti-White Propaganda" In Christian Homeschool Programs

It's not just a Public School Problem Anymore

“I had been contemplating getting The Christendom Curriculum for months, and when I came across anti-white propaganda in the Christian program we were using, I knew it was time to switch.” —Melanie

 It's not just the Public Schools anymore.

Even Christian homeschool groups, programs, and curricula are bending in thedirection of Woke-ism.

The Christendom Curriculum will never do so.

That’s why we keep hearing comments like these:

“I was having a hard time finding something the government hadn't already seeped in to and Christendom Curriculum fell into my lap out of the blue one day. I cried I was so happy!” — Kris 

“Absolutely fantastic! I honestly didn’t know this kind of curriculum existed. I’m very happy to have stumbled across it!” — Mindy

“Most politically correct curricula speak against America and expect America to apologize for everything while ignoring what other groups do. Most Christian curricula are being changed because people are offended by the truth. But The Christendom Curriculum tells things the way they are through a Christian viewpoint.” — Ariel

“We chose the Christendom Curriculum to train our children to be fearless warriors, thoughtful defenders, winsome ambassadors, and dominating settlers for God's Kingdom.”— Stephen

"The Christendom Curriculum teaches your child to grow into a culture warrior in the battle to preserve and advance the culture, philosophy, and faith of our ancestors. There is absolutely nothing politically correct about The Christian Curriculum." — Edward

Learn more about the one-of-a-kind Christendom Curriculum by clicking here.

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