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Ben Shapiro, 2016: "Trump Isn't Going to Save the Supreme Court"

The Right should look elsewhere for political commentary.

In a 2016 article titled "No, Trump Isn't Going to Save the Supreme Court," Neocon Ben Shapiro said this: "Hillary’s justices will cripple Constitutional interpretation on religious freedom, gun rights, and freedom of speech, among other crucial issues. There is only one problem: there is no shot – zero shot – that Trump will appoint a conservative."

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He also said, “Trump Doesn’t Care About The Issue…Trump Will Cave…Trump won’t appoint a conservative Supreme Court justice. This is the reality-based position. But in the fantasy world...sure, everything will be fine."

This is one reason among many that I advise my conservative friends to steer clear of Ben Shapiro. He's not nearly as smart as his "Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Liberal College Kid!" videos would lead you to believe. Who couldn't easily dismantle what passes for argument among today's college kids?

But Shapiro was wrong—badly wrong—about Trump. Even if he sort of, kind of, not really decided to vote for Trump by 2020 (all while undermining him at every opportunity), the point here is that he is not a reliable guide for what you should think, or how you should vote, or what is likely to happen going forward.

There are plenty of political theorists and commentators on the Right who are much wiser and more prescient than the Shapiros out there. They also happen to be Christians, unlike Shapiro. Ask me, and I'll name names.

I was an early supporter of Trump. And while he has disappointed in some ways—including a few big ones—and while he is not the only one who gets credit for the demolishing of Roe, he did keep his promise to appoint judges who would do just that.

Incidentally, the reason I was an early supporter of Trump was because of his strong (though uneven) nationalist tendencies. "Conservatives" like Shapiro or Mark Levin are not nationalists at all (though Shapiro has come out in favor of some diluted version of nationalism), and so they cannot be trusted to preserve what is left of the Christian West, nor to rebuild Christendom 2.0 once the war is over.

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