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Christendom Curriculum Featured in Pulpit and Pen

Popular Christian News and Discernment Site Endorses Our New Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum

Pulpit and Pen, "The Most Trusted Source for Polemics and Discernment," ran a feature article on The Christendom Curriculum earlier this week. We're grateful to J.D. Hall and the Pulpit and Pen folks for their support of our work.

"A new homeschool curriculum is now available," J.D. wrote in the article, "for those who desire to keep their kids from being indoctrinated by ‘woke’ indoctrination that seeks to subvert a Christian worldview. The curriculum is designed to teach children to value Christianity and its historic benefits to civilization and provides apologetic resources to help them reject the perversion of Christianity known as Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, and Globalism."

That is the key, and it is, I believe, what drew Hall and Pulpit and Pen to our work: The Christendom Curriculum is the world's only Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum, and the only one that is addressing the tough issues of our day with a view toward preparing young people to go out, fight the Culture War, and win the Culture War.

"One of the most important aspects of this curriculum," J.D. wrote, "is that its drafters and authors thoroughly understand the connection between Cultural Marxism, Critical Race Theory, and Social Justice with Globalism and anti-Nationalism. They grasp – so it seems, they truly grasp – the ideological issues in this important aspect of the culture wars."

J.D. Hall also played our two-minute video ad (which you can view here) on his recent livestream/podcast, and spent some time talking about The Christendom Curriculum there as well. The video is below: watch the whole show if you're interested in learning about what's going on in the Christian world, especially from a polemical perspective; but I've got the video cued up to the point where he talks about the Curriculum: