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Christian Nationalism Q&A 1

What about people who don't believe in Christ?

 Here’s a question we received on our statement that we want our nations to be Christian. See if you agree with our reply.

 Question: "@ChristendomCurriculum,what exactly should be done about the people who don't want to worship the god of the bible?" 

 Answer: The Church has always been against forced conversions. Non-Christians who already live here when our nation becomes Christian again would not be oppressed. But neither would they be allowed to exert influence in government or society.

No building of temples, mosques, or synagogues, no trying to convert our people. No voting or holding civic office.

If they want to stay under these conditions, they would be required to take an oath of loyalty to the God under whose wings they are taking refuge. They can believe what they like in their minds—again, no forced baptisms or anything like that—but if they want to live under the protections of a Christian nation, they need to acknowledge that it is a Christian nation, and that they are here as guests.

If that is not to their liking—if they wish to have some area of land somewhere where they can build their own atheist or non-Christian paradise apart from us—I would favor letting them do that. Why should people with such wildly different beliefs about what makes for a good life be forced to live in the same society?

 Comment below if you have any thoughts on this matter. Learn more about what we mean by Christian Nationalism here.