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Diversity Comes to Homeschooling

Are Your Ready For It?

“Homeschooling in America is changing.

“In the 1980s and 1990s, it took hold mostly among white religious conservatives. They rejected secular public education and wanted to educate their children on their own terms.

“As a new CRPE research brief shows, homeschoolers are becoming more diverse, and so are their motivations. The ranks of black and Hispanic homeschoolers have grown dramatically. Parents of students with disabilities have developed customized programs of therapy and support. Some LGBTQ youth have taken to homeschooling to escape bullying and peer pressure.”

Homeschooling (along with the Christian school movement) has been criticized as a “white flight” reaction to forced integration efforts like busing in the 1970s. It has also been dominated by the more conservative wing of the Christian faith.

But as homeschooling becomes more diverse, both racially and ideologically, look for increasing pressure on homeschool organizations to converge in a social justice direction.

Christian homeschoolers must be prepared for the shrill and shrieking demands of the Diversity-mongers. If you’re in a local or state homeschool organization or co-op, how will you react to demands to observe Black History Month or MLK Day?

What will you do when the solidly right-wing president of your chapter or group comes under fire for a "homophobic" tweet five years ago?

What action will you take when Social Justice Warriors begin to subvert your organization and turn it into an anti-racist, Cultural Marxist hellhole?

It’s already begun, of course. One of our Christendom Curriculum moms said that in her Classical Conversations group, “The American history section is just as demoralizing to my children as the public school writing. They tear down Southerners and our settlers and pioneers, and inundate us with a disproportionate focus on slavery and Indians.”

The battle is coming. It’s best to think about this now—and to determine that you will fight.


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