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Get The Christendom Curriculum For 15% Off

Plus, Win Prizes, Books, and Even A Vacation!

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The Christendom Curriculum is here--the world's first and only Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum--and during our launch week, you can get it for 15% off--and at our amazingly low price, you can either replace your current curriculum or even just supplement it with our array of pro-Western Civilization books and worldview essays with no major investment of funds.

You may have heard about our initial 10% discount, but I have decided to expand that to 15% for just a few days. If you join The Christendom Curriculum this week only, you’ll get a full 15% off the already low tuition/membership fee.

Second, if you recommend us to your friends, family, or social media contacts, and get someone to sign up, you will win a three-day vacation package to one of seven destinations.

To clarify, if someone signs up for The Christendom Curriculum at your suggestion, you will win—not enter, you will actually be awarded—a three-day vacation package worth between $500 and $1500.

Third, if you enter our Launch Week Giveaway Contest this week, you will have a chance to win one of several prizes, including a Christian Nationalist Book Package, and a three-day vacation (just to clarify again: you can only win one vacation package, so if you win one by referring someone to us, you won’t be eligible for the one awarded as part of the Giveaway Contest).

How do you enter? Just share our Learn More page ( at this link: on social media, then comment on our Facebook Page Contest Post to let us know where you shared it (Facebook, Twitter, Gab, etc.). And that's it!