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Gideon's Cucks

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

Even Gideon had to deal with Cucks back in the days of the kritarchy of Israel:

“…when Succoth refused to help God’s people, they were identifying themselves with the Moabites, Ammonites, and Midianites. Indeed, they were bold to say so: They wanted to take no risks with the Midianite kings still on the loose. They had no faith or trust in God. Spiritually they were Midianites, and deserved to be treated as such. Like good liberals, they wanted to have peace by having detente with the enemy.” (James Jordan, Judges: God’s War Against Humanism, p. 142).

These are the Evangelical Trump-haters who are too blind to see all the good God is doing through Trump; who knee-jerk their criticisms of everything he does or says, failing the test of wisdom by not even waiting a few days to see why Trump does what he does.

The latest example of this was Syria. I had an old friend from a former church block me on Facebook because I defended Trump’s withdrawal of American troops from Syria. I too was concerned about the Kurdish Christians who might get hammered by Turkey; but wait a few days, and behold: Trump helps organize a cease-fire between Turkey and the Kurds.

“Trump’s withdrawal of troops will help ISIS regain power in the region!” But what happens next? Trump takes out the leader of ISIS in a raid that left Democrats fuming because they weren’t notified beforehand!

Seriously, would any sane Commander in Chief tell these clowns anything he didn’t have to?

The persistence of many professing Christians in their hatred of Trump is truly a wonder to behold. It’s like these people have never even read the Bible.


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