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Homeschooling for the Culture Wars

Here's how you can prepare your family.

America and the West are enduring a time of unprecedented Culture War. This war is widespread—skirmishes and full-scale battles are breaking out everywhere. And there is no end in sight. Three indicators suggest that this War still has many years to go:

  1. The cultural and institutional entrenchment of our adversaries;
  2. The extent of the damage to our own institutions;
  3. The complacency and compromise of the contemporary Church.

Because the War is not likely to end soon, and may very well end up being the spiritual and cultural equivalent of the Hundred Years’ War, Christians must prepare for the long term—and that means making sure the next two to three generations, at a minimum, are trained and equipped to take the battle beyond our time.

That’s why I created The Christendom Curriculum. This is the only homeschool curriculum that equips young people to fight against Feminists, Social Justice Warriors, Cultural Marxists, and Globalists, guided by a Biblical theology of long-term victory.

How do we do this? With the one-two punch of Books and Battle Papers.

The Books are the hundreds of books and essays we have compiled in PDF format to guide your children from Pre-K through Twelfth Grade in Bible/Theology, History, and Literature. Starting with our own unique Jordan Chronological Bible (available nowhere else: based on the chronological and canonical order suggested by theologian James Jordan), and continuing with a thorough grounding in history and the great classics of Western literature, students get the education we all wish we’d had, and at a fraction of the money often spent by home schools, charged by private schools, and wasted by public schools.

Students will also be assigned readings in many of the important and hotly contested issues of our times, like Critical Race Theory, Multiculturalism, Socialism, Immigration, and much more.

The Battle Papers are our unique collection of dozens of short, packed worldview essays on a wide variety of subjects, including Social Justice, Multiculturalism, Racism, Feminism, Cultural Marxism, Just War, Local Church Reform, America First, The Last Days and the Culture Wars, Christian Nationalism, Globalism, Christendom and America, and many more.

These powerful introductory essays help guide students through the books they read, teaching them what to look for, what kinds of questions to ask, and providing a thematic unity around the all-important idea of Christendom: The rule of Christ over the nations.

There are even series of Battle Papers on The Story of Christendom and our unique Culture War for Kids series for younger students, to help introduce important concepts in age-appropriate ways.

The Books and Battle Papers also provide tactical training in fighting and winning the Culture Wars, teaching young people how to engage with the actual enemies we are facing—and strategies for playing the long game of victory.

That long game is critically important. We’re living in a time of extensive historical and societal change, and every Christian family needs to learn how to defend and preserve the treasures of our civilization, fight our cultural enemies, and build a new Christendom that may endure for the next thousand years or beyond. That’s what homeschool families will get in The Christendom Curriculum.

There’s more, by the way: Complete Guides for every Year, a Member's Only Parent’s Library, our Christendom Curriculum Study Helps series on specific academic subjects, books, and authors, instruction for children in phonics, math (counting through Calculus), spelling, grammar, and geography, foreign language textbooks (Anglo-Saxon, Ecclesiastical Latin, Spanish, French, German), reading courses in Law, Rhetoric, Logic, Business, Career and Calling, and our 100-page Parent’s Manual, with everything families need for a successful homeschool experience. And more!

If you and your family are homeschoolers, and are among the fighters I know are out there, then I believe The Christendom Curriculum is just what you’ve been waiting for: The world’s first and only pro-Christendom, pro-Western Civilization, anti-Social Justice, anti-Multiculturalist, anti-Globalist, Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum.

Defend America. Rebuild the West. Homeschool or Die.

Get acquainted with The Christendom Curriculum here, including a two-minute introductory video and a free eBook:

Learn lots more here, get a free 58-page A Glimpse Inside The Christendom Curriculum PDF, plus free bonuses when you join: