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Is Narnia Multicultural? Was C. S. Lewis Racist?

The answers might surprise you.

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Is Narnia Multicultural? Given that the classic children's books, The Chronicles of Narnia, have sometimes, along with their author, C. S. Lewis, been described as (be prepared for a shocker) "racist," this is a question that needs to be addressed.

"Narnia represents everything that is most hateful about religion" declared the Guardian back in the days of the Narnia movies. Even scholars and writers who admire Lewis have hemmed and hawed apologetically about certain problematic aspects of the Narnia books. Alan Jacobs, author of the Lewis bio The Narnian, comes to mind.

The days when white Christians should give a fragment of a rip about being called racist should be long over by now (though that's not always the case). So how do we deal with charges that Lewis, or the Narniad, were racist? Should we rush to point out that, "Narnia can't be racist because it's actually multicultural!"?

I answer these questions and more in the newest Christendom Curriculum Battle Paper, Is Narnia Multicultural?

Those who know The Christendom Curriculum, and especially our Battle Papers, know that apologizing for, or even defending against, charges of "racism" is not on the agenda.

Instead, what you'll find is a unique and thought-provoking deep dive into the Narnian books in light of our current Culture Wars.

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