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My Interview With JD Hall of Pulpit and Pen

Wherein We Discuss Christian Nationalism, Racism, Cultural Marxism, Critical Race Theory, and The Christendom Curriculum

· Curriculum,Nationalism,Culture War,Critical Race Theory,Cultural Marxism

I was recently interviewed by J.D. Hall of Pulpit and Pen, one of the most often-read Christian news sites out there. Pulpit and Pen is one of the few Christian sources that regularly attacks the Social Justice, Critical Race, Cultural Marxist zeitgeist, pointing out its unchristian roots and ideas. This is important at a time when many Christians have uncritically embraced this devil's brew of falsehood and deception.

We also talk about The Christendom Curriculum, and the fact that it was designed precisely to help parents correct for this serious problem with their own children, equipping them to combat the lies and to advance on enemy territory.