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Press Release: New Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum Now Available

W.C. Newsom

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Contact: W. C. Newsom, The Christendom Curriculum


New Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum Now Available

K-12 Educational Program features unique focus on culture war training, defense of Western Civilization, and fighting the Social Justice Narrative

North Carolina, July 8, 2019—Christendom House today announced the release for pre-sale of The Christendom Curriculum, a Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum with a unique focus on the history of Christendom in Western Civilization, the defense of American and Western culture, and opposition to leftist, globalist, Social Marxist, and Social Justice narratives.

The first of its kind, The Christendom Curriculum aims to educate children in the Bible and the Great Books of Western Civilization while also preparing them for future encounters with the increasingly hostile activists of the Left. Created with an anti-Social-Justice-Warrior (SJW) theme in its selected readings, this new homeschool curriculum helps train young people to resist an SJW attack, reform their local churches and communities, and contribute to the building of a new Christendom in America and the West.

Easy to use, requiring much less parental involvement than many curricula, and based on the timeless academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic, the self-taught Christendom Curriculum provides hundreds of books and essays in digital (PDF) format—carefully selected for Christian families—along with study helps, video tutorials, copy work pages, worksheets, and more.

By using digital books and online delivery, The Christendom Curriculum aims to keep costs as low as possible for homeschool families: annual tuition/membership is only $187 per family, plus $50 per Year/Grade. For a family of three children, that’s less than 93 cents per day to educate all children, all year long.

“We are filling a significant gap in the world of homeschool curricula,” said W. C. Newsom, founder and creator of The Christendom Curriculum. “No other curriculum is even thinking about the issues our students will be reading about.”

The full curriculum will be released on August 13 but is available now for pre-sale with a Parental Planning Package to help parents begin planning for the fall school year. Visit to learn more.

About The Christendom Curriculum

The Christendom Curriculum is a new, K-12 Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum. Visit to learn more, or to join this one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use, self-taught home education program.


If you would like more information on this new release, please email W. C. Newsom at

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