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The Christendom Curriculum Is Here!

The Only Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum Is Now Available.

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It has taken months and months to reach this day, and more work than we realized, but here we are. By God's grace, The Christendom Curriculum is now available for pre-order. The full Curriculum will be published on August 13, but those who join now will receive our special Christendom Curriculum Pre-Release Parental Planning Package, which consists of a 90+ page PDF book with tons of information on the Curriculum, what it is, how it works, and how to use it; as well as access to our Members Only site, where there is a Parent's Library, Gift Store, and more.


I'll be blogging regularly about The Christendom Curriculum from now on, so look for lots of short posts with key information. For now, take a look at our Intro Video, then click Learn More below it to get up to speed.