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The Most Important Question on The Fourth of July

Answer Below.

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On this day celebrating freedom, political independence, and love of country, consider where the real work of saving what is left of America is happening: in the living rooms, at the dining room tables, at the little desks and in the little houses of Homeschool families all across America.

That’s not to say that the Homeschooling world is without flaws or errors. Certainly not. We struggle with various forms and levels of Statism, pietism, civic nationalism, cuckservatism, and others. Moreover, we are now a generation and more into the homeschool experiment and I think we must admit to some level of disappointment in the results. Not total disappointment, but not total satisfaction, either.

But at least Christians who homeschool their children have realized that the important matter of training their children in righteousness and in the wisdom and knowledge of God, His Word, and His world, cannot be left up to the self-appointed specialists, teachers, administrators, and bureaucrats of the Nightmare on Elm Street that is our public school system.

At least they have taken the courageous first step that some 90% of American Christians still have not taken: to remove their children from the influence of a godless, Satanic education mill.

They have declared their independence from the atheists, have shaken off the shackles of the oligarchs. Every such family has its own, personal Fourth of July, and it is the Day when they removed their children from the public schools, or when they decided that their little ones would never darken the doors of those dreadful dens.

These families are ready, if anyone is, for the Most Important Question for the Fourth of July—ready for it, even if they have never yet heard it or considered it. For Homeschoolers love history, and love America; and have expended much energy in debating the important question of whether the Founding Fathers intended America to be a Christian nation.

That is why they are ready (if anyone is) for that Most Important Question for the Fourth of July: Since America is observably not a Christian nation now, but should be, what are we going to do about it?

That’s the Question. Here’s the Answer: The Christendom Curriculum.

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