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The SJWs Are Hitting Us Hard...

Why Are They So Determined To Stop Us?

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The Christendom Curriculum has been taking heat on social media lately. Here's some of the more...printable names we've been called:
Satan-Worshipping Cult
Insane, Anti-Science Racist
Racist, White Nationalists
Soldier in Satan's Army
"Works for Satan"
Why do we receive such kind approbation, you might wonder? Well, it seems to be because we like Western Civilization, and we don't want our children educated using the false, failed principles that have produced probably the most spiritually bankrupt and uneducated generation in American history.

It's certainly not because we hate anyone. It's not because we're white nationalists, either, because we're not. We're Christian Nationalists, which means that, while we do indeed seek God's blessings for European nations (including America), we also want them for all nations.
But these SJWs, in their unbelievably arrogant self-righteousness, cannot seem to understand (or, less charitably, they do understand) that loving one's own family more than others does not require you to hate other families.
Just so, loving one's own nation or civilization does not require you to hate other nations or other civilizations.


It's worth asking: why? Why do they hate The Christendom Curriculum so much? Why are they so determined to stop us, shout us down, smear us, and make us go away?
Could it be because they sense that such educational efforts reduce their power over the next generation? These folks hate us anyway for keeping our kids out of the government schools; when we go a step further and start training our children how to fight the godless system, the alarm bells in their brainwashed heads go crazy, warning them that all is not well.
"These people," wrote one Social Justice Warrior on our Facebook page, "are promoting open warfare against anyone who disagrees with them."
So he says. But remember (or learn, if this is new to you): one of the Laws of the SJW is this: SJWs Always Project.
It is they who started the war. It is they who go after conservatives and try to get them banned, de-platformed, and fired. It is they who try to shut down the free speech of anyone to the right of Stalin. It is they who sanction and praise the violent Black Lives Matter and Antifa groups.

For Pete's sake, the guy who wrote that did so as an uninvited guest on our page, where he proceeded to launch an unprovoked attack.
No, we didn't start this War. But we do plan, by the grace of God, to finish it.
It begins here, with The Christendom Curriculum:
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