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Video: Slavery, MLK, Racism, Why Conservatives Lose

And How To Address These Matters With The Christendom Curriculum

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This new video was made for the purpose of giving an overview of the history, purpose, and use of The Christendom Curriculum. But in the process of discussing our unique focus on the Culture Wars and training young people to fight those wars with a view toward long-term victory, I ended up talking about slavery and racism--and how they are used to suppress the influence of the people of Christendom.

And we talked about how our heroes (American and Southern pioneers, soldiers, and statesmen) are vilified and have their statues torn down) while their hero (Martin Luther King Jr.) is the subject of unstinting praise. And yet their hero was, simply, not a good man. There can be no real doubt to those who know the history that Robert E. Lee was a superior man in almost every respect to MLK. Yet we are required by the Social Justice Narrative to hate Lee and to practically worship King.

The centerpiece of the video is the discussion of why Conservatives lose. One reason is because we are unable to reject, root and branch, the assumptions of our enemies.

We try to defend our un-statued heroes for their complicity in slavery by pointing out that they were men of their times, or that they were really against slavery, deep down.

We try to defend our ancestors, or ourselves, against charges of racism by trying to prove that they, or we, are not really racists.

But we are racists. In this video, I discuss why that is, and why it's no good trying to escape the label. And slavery was not a moral evil, and it's time we stop pretending that it was.

These things are hard to say. But no-one in the mainstream right is willing to say such things.

At the heart of our cultural troubles is a profound deception, and a profound confusion. The answer to both the deception and the confusion is to speak the truth plainly, say the hard things that need to be said, refuse to accept the presuppositions of our enemies, and protect our children from their influence, raising them instead to be fighters who are prepared for the tactics that routinely take down the unprepared.

The Christendom Curriculum attempts to help homeschool families do all of these things. That's why we've been attacked, vilified, lied about, and threatened. But families are joining us who are ready to find their place in the great, history-making battle of our time.


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