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Virus Worries? Time to Homeschool.

Get a complete K-12 curriculum (that doesn’t undermine your values) for only $99.99/year.

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The Corona Virus has resulted in closed schools and caused many to give the natural advantages of homeschooling a closer look.

But let’s be honest: It’s hard to find a curriculum that doesn’t undercut the values of traditional American and Western Civilization.

It’s even harder to find one that maintains academic quality without costing a small fortune.

But what if there were a curriculum that used digital books, documents, and delivery platform to minimize costs?

What if it integrated the study of Bible, History, Literature, Music, Art, and Science in a unique and innovative way?

What if it focused on the theme of Christ’s kingdom through the ages, with a view toward rebuilding America and the West for a more glorious future?

What if it taught your children how to survive, thrive, and even conquer in the culture wars of our times?

There is such a curriculum. It’s called The Christendom Curriculum. And it features:

* Hundreds of books, and a small library of original study helps to guide your child’s reading.

* A simple method of education that is easy to use, requires minimal parental involvement, and helps children become self-sufficient in learning.

* Dozens of original worldview essays that affirm the traditional values of America and the West—and introduce your kids to the important issues of today’s culture wars.

All that, and so much more.

The Christendom Curriculum can be used as a full K-12 curriculum. But the price is so reasonable that you can also get it to supplement your current curriculum.

That way, you can add to your favorite homeschool study program our unique focus on Christendom and Culture War.

While many homeschool programs can cost hundreds or even thousands per month, we’ve made great efforts to keep the cost of The Christendom Curriculum as low as possible.

While we’ve sold this remarkable resource for $187 per year, plus $50 per Grade, we’ve decided to seriously reduce that as an introductory price for the release of our second edition:

Only $99.99 per year.

That’s for the entire K through 12 program—all the books, study helps, worldview essays, guides for each year, a 100+ page Parents’ Manual, and more.

No further fees for additional children, nothing else to buy.

Whether you’re newly interested in homeschooling because of COVID-19 or are just hoping to supplement your home education efforts with non-PC study materials, The Christendom Curriculum is just what you’ve been hoping for.

Learn more—and join The Christendom Curriculum today.