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“When should we start teaching our children about the Culture Wars?”

Sooner than you might think.

“When should we start teaching our children about the Culture Wars?”

The answer to this question is now.

(And that’s only if you haven’t started already, which would have been better.)

That’s because our enemies are sparing no efforts to brainwash every child within their range: government school kids, of course, but also kids who watch TV or surf the Internet.

If we don’t teach our children, and capture their young imaginations with goodness, truth, and beauty early on, our enemies will certainly be there, ready and waiting to pick up our slack.

But of course, you can’t tell little ones everything about the sick evil of our times, nor can you talk to an eight-year-old in the same way you can a young man of sixteen.

Still, it is important to begin introducing your children to important Culture War issues from an early age. Those issues include the Biblical doctrine of nations (which is under attack in our multicultural era), Christian and Western Civilization, “Social Justice Warriors,” and more.

But how do you begin?

The best way to start, with your youngest children, is by reading them lots of good stories and fairy tales about knights and dragons and princesses and witches and goblins. Beautiful stories that fill their young hearts with images of virtue, courage, and loyalty.

Then, when they are a bit older, give them faces and names to go along with those classic characters:

Tell them who are the knights and brave princesses in our day.   

And tell them who are the dragons, witches, and goblins.

So give the littles ones stories that create a bastion of love for goodness, truth, and beauty in your children’s hearts.

Then, you can begin to fill in the details conceptually, as they grow.

Eventually, they will be ready for the full picture of what is going on in the Culture Wars—and for philosophies and strategies for long-term victory.

Here at The Christendom Curriculum, we provide hundreds of good books and stories and fairy tales to start your little ones on the right path. Our huge library includes Legends for Little Ones, written by the creator of The Christendom Curriculum, which has short story versions (perfect for young children) of the greatest legends and tales in Christendom. Author and pastor George Grant said this about Legends for Little Ones: 

“In an age where heroes are few and far between and when the great stories of our Christian legacy are either lost and forgotten ordespised and repressed, Legends for Little Ones is a rich gift to us all. These stories are, as you will soon discover, both timeless and timely. So, curl up in a big chair, pull your little ones into your lap, and discover anew the glories of our magnificent legacy of beauty, goodness, and truth.”

Dr George Grant, director of The King's Meadow Study Center, and author of The Christian Almanac, The Micah Mandate, and The Patriot's Handbook

Currently, Legends for Little Ones is only available in The Christendom Curriculum.

Not only that, but we have created dozens of Battle Papers: introductory worldview essays on a variety of Culture War issues. This unique resource gives you hundreds of pages of prepared commentary—on the issues you care about—that you can use as a guide from first grade through graduation.

And it all begins with our one-of-a-kind series, Culture War for Kids, which introduces such ideas as Christian Nationalism, Social Justice Warriors, honoring our ancestors, and more—but all written in age-appropriate ways that won’t overwhelm your children with too much, too fast.

Learn more about The Christendom Curriculum here.

Or download our extensive free Sample Pack here.

We’d love to have you join us on the homeschool adventure of a lifetime!


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