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Why Trump Deserves the Support of the Dissident Right

An Election Day Plea

Some of my good friends in the Dissident Right are not convinced that Trump deserves our support, on the grounds that hasn’t come out strongly enough for whites, or for Southerners.

After all, he's constantly talking about how much he's done for the blacks, or for other minorities.

"But," my friends rightly ask, "what is Trump doing for my white children who are hated by tens of millions of raving leftists in our own homeland just for the color of their skin?”

Here’s how I would answer that question.

First, we need to remember (or realize) that Trump really is a master strategist who knows exactly what he’s doing, what he needs to say, and when he needs to say it.

Don’t be fooled by the fools who think Trump is a fool. Even liberal Michael Moore, who correctly (and sorrowfully) predicted Trump’s 2016 victory calls Trump “an evil genius”—but a genius nonetheless.

Here's the case I want to make: Trump does indeed care about white America—and even about the South as part of white America—and has done much to benefit our people.

But he also knows he can’t openly talk in terms of white this or white that. At least not yet.

Trump has been called on to lead a “nation” that is, unfortunately, a multicultural mess. Working within this mess, he is trying to unite as many folks as possible from the varied backgrounds that make up this society into a new nationalist-populist coalition.

That coalition includes many whites, but also a significant number of non-white minorities.

But upon what is he founding this new coalition?

On traditional American religious and civic values.

These, in particular: faith in God (even faith in Christ specifically), freedom, the rule of law, peace, an America First economic, immigration, and foreign policy, respect for history, suspicion of institutional elites, and a hatred for every form of Marxism.

These are all historically American and Southern ideals, with deep roots in Western Civilization.

They are therefore the legacy of white America.

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Yet there are a significant number of non-white minorities in America who, by the grace of God, have also come to love those same values.

One such lady recently contacted me at The Christendom Curriculum. Here’s what she had to say:

“I always felt like I didn't fit in anywhere, because I am an African American who is proud of my country. My heart swells with pride as I think of our founding fathers. I am thankful to live where I do! I am thankful for the freedom I have to help advance the Kingdom of God through educating my children and helping them to understand and be thankful for their Christian Heritage.”

Trump knows about these minorities. And, so it seems, he cares about them, too.

I don’t believe he executes black-focused initiatives like his Platinum Plan just to raise political capital. I think he does it because he is truly glad to see at least some segments of the Black community growing into greater peace and stability, and wants to help them.

Some have read into Trump’s language (“I’m the least racist person in this room”) and actions (the Platinum Plan) a kind of base virtue signaling. I believe the opposite is the truth.

Because, again, Trump is bringing together this (somewhat) diverse coalition under the banner of a genuinely American culture, the heart of which is traditional Christian, European, and (therefore) white civilization.

That means everything Trump does is for white America.
He just doesn’t come out and say it.

Why not? Because he is a masterful student of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War, and he knows how to conceal his true purposes when he needs to, and how to position what he’s doing in a way that allows him to brush off otherwise lethal political attacks.

Two reasons why this is not virtue signaling: first, because, as I said before, Trump appears to genuinely care for these minorities; and second, because he always knew that the nuts of the Globalist Left would call him a racist and a white supremacist no matter what he did.

But positioning his America First program as he has allows him to do a world of good for white Americans while simultaneously winning over those in the middle who are sensitive to the whole racism thing, but who are not insane about it like the hard Left.

So if you’re waiting for Trump to come out and say, “White Lives Matter,” you’re going to be disappointed (at least for now).

But look at his actions.

* He blasted Critical Race Theory out of government trainings.

* He refused to rename military bases named for Confederate generals.

* He gives speeches praising American founding fathers and lauding the blessings of Western Civilization.

* He instituted a policy that all new or renovated federal buildings must be neo-classical (a distinctly European architectural style).

Now, who benefits from these actions?

White Americans. Sons of the West. Southern Americans.

Every one of those actions is a direct blast at the enemies of Christian civilization, and a cool breeze of encouragement to white, and yes, even Southern Americans who are worn ragged from the constant shrieking accusations of those who hate us and our civilization.

None of these actions would have been taken by any of the establishment Republican candidates or presidents. None were strictly necessary to Trump’s plans for trade or immigration or taxes. All are tremendously bracing to those who need it most—a salutary encouragement, a whispered word of comfort: “you can take pride in your heritage again, you can ignore the shrill and demonic voices of those who hate you for loving your people.”

If Trump is successful in restoring this traditional civilization as the center of American identity, he will damage, and perhaps break the anti-Christian, anti-white, anti-European, anti-American, and anti-Southern power of the Marxist and Globalist Left. Nationalism will have been reinstated in place of the seemingly unstoppable Globalist ideology.

This is good, not only for American in general, but perhaps for Southern Americans most of all.

But the trick is that Trump will have accomplished this feat by forging a coalition that is overwhelmingly, but not exclusively white. Many minority allies are joining the Trump train: Blacks, Hispanics, and others.

If successful, Trump will have created what may be understood as a blended civic-ethnonationalism that accords well with Israeli author Yoram Hazony’s book The Virtue of Nationalism. Nations are forged from tribes. And while complete ethnic homogeneity is not necessary in a nation—in other words, a nation need not be completely Irish, or French, or Japanese, or English, or Jewish, or American—it is necessary, Hazony writes, if you want a relatively peaceful and stable nation, to have “a majority nation whose cultural dominance is plain and unquestioned….”[1]

That’s what a successful Trump legacy will have accomplished. Trump will, in fact, have created a new nation—or at least a national coalition—rooted in Christian, Western, European, and American values, with a majority European-American ethnic base, and including a solid minority of non-whites who love and honor that Christian, Western, European, and American heritage.

The “cultural dominance” of Legacy America will again thrive at the very center of our cultural, political, and national life, but with an alliance of reasonably assimilated minorities in the mix.

What becomes of the many millions who don’t fall in with this new national coalition? Well, they will have to be broken, and the revolution subdued. Antifa and BLM must be defeated and suffer harsh consequences. The neocons must be flattened, the media crushed, the universities defunded and left to wither and rot. Maybe the defeated will have enough fight in them to lead a blue state secession (which Trump would be well advised not to stop). Division of some kind is inevitable if we don’t have the will to truly beat them back so thoroughly that they do not dare to attempt such destruction again.
There is no predicting how all this might eventually fall out. What is clear, however, is that Trump is moving us in the right direction. He has done more for Legacy and Southern Americans than any president in living memory, and perhaps beyond.

And he deserves our support today.

[1] Yoram Hazony, The Virtue of Nationalism, 165.