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    Christendom Designs

    Support The Christendom Curriculum with one of our original Christendom Designs. T-shirts, mugs, tote bags, hoodies, and more. Show a little (Home)school pride, or just spread some truth and goodness wherever you go.

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    Something for Every Member of the Family

    We have men's, women's, kids', and toddler/baby t-shirts. Try our Little Heroes series for boys. Grab a special gift for Dad or Mom. Pick up something for the right-winger, Christian Nationalist, or patriotic conservative in your life!

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    Find your friends (and make your enemies think)

    It's easy to feel alone in such a crazy clown world. But put a bit of your beliefs and values on display, and you just might find a few unexpected allies, and maybe one or two friends.

  • Lots to Choose From

    Check out our satirical FAQ (Famous American Quotes) series, featuring the likes of Bumbling Biden. You might prefer our unique Little Heroes series for kids, or our Support Christian Nationalism design.

    Or maybe our A Conspiracy Theory Is Just A Spoiler Alert, or "Reform" the Public Schools, or The Devil Is A Democrat shirts are more your speed.

    The more adventurous among you might choose one of our Rusky vs. Ukie (R vs. U) designs.

    You can also show a little (Home) School Pride with our line of Christendom Curriculum t-shirts.

    All designs come in high quality short sleeve, long sleeve and hoodies, including versions for women and children/babies. Many designs are available in mugs, tote bags, stickers, and more, and all in a variety of colors. We're always developing and regularly adding new designs, so check back often!

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