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    Christendom Curriculum FAQ
    What Makes The Christendom Curriculum Unique?

    The Christendom Curriculum: How It Works

    Christendom Curriculum Basic Scope and Sequence/Book List
    Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide

    We've already talked about the FAQ, so here's a bit more about the others:

    (1) What Makes The Christendom Curriculum Unique? gives a more in-depth look at the features that make us stand out from other homeschool programs.


    (2) The Christendom Curriculum: How It Works takes you behind the scenes of the methodology we use to create an easy-to-use homeschool curriculum that is completely adaptable to your family's needs.

    (3) Our Basic Scope and Sequence/Book List provides an overview of what subjects are covered and when, along with a partial listing of the books included in the massive library we provide for your children to choose from.

    (4) Our Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide provides a one-page reference parents can put up on a refrigerator or cork board as a reminder of how easy The Christendom Curriculum is to use.

  • You'll Also Want to Note...

    The Quick Start Guide has links to a few of our original Study Helps (introductory academic essays) so you can get a sample of what those are like.
    The How It Works document also introduces you to our original worldview/culture war essays, called Battle Papers, and a current list is included. You can read a couple of those free online:

    * Monument Desecration and the Fifth Commandment

    * Was Samson a Toxic Male?

    If you would like to read a sample Battle Paper geared toward your child's age, message us at The Christendom Curriculum Facebook Page.

    So dive right in! And if you like what you read, and you're ready to join, you can go to our website and click any of the Red Pill Buttons.

    VERY IMPORTANT: We have a brief disclaimer at the bottom of this page that you must read before joining. 

    Thanks so much for your interest! We'd love to have you join us. There is a place for your family in the great battle of our age!

  • What Christendom Curriculum Members Are Saying

    Hear from the ones who know us best!

    "I am amazed by all of the information, and guidance to more information, in The Christendom Curriculum. We are truly excited for this school year, or should I say 'year of education'!" — Tiffany

    “The Christendom Curriculum is old-school, pun intended, and the simplicity is refreshing. But there is so much information/education packed into this program. I have spent days learning my way around to get ready for starting with my child. It will be a re-education for me!” — Julie

    “Most politically correct curricula speak against America and expect America to apologize for everything while ignoring what other groups do. Most Christian curricula are being changed because people are offended by the truth. But The Christendom Curriculum tells things the way they are through a Christian viewpoint. Its political views are nationalist. It is pro-West and pro-America." — Ariel

    “To be honest, this program is worth it for the Battle Papers alone! And the prepared reading lists save you hours of time. Love it! Wonderful, God-centered, in-depth educational program for K-12!” — Marian

  • "My daughter is quite happy with The Christendom Curriculum. She likes that there is a lot of reading and not a lot of busy worksheet work, and the opportunity to spend time with me one on one. My three year old wanted to start school as well, so we have been working with her, though with very simple 30-minute lessons. Chapel has been a really positive time for all of us, and the girls really enjoy Jamie Soles' music. Looking forward to continuing their education with this curriculum!” " — Kimberly

    I heard about the Battle Papers on the Dissident Mama podcast and they do not disappoint! There is NO OTHER curriculum like The Christendom Curriculum!” — Matthew

    "The Christendom Curriculum does not just teach the three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – it teaches your child to grow into a culture warrior in the battle to preserve and advance the culture, philosophy, and faith of our ancestors. There is absolutely nothing politically correct about The Christian Curriculum." — Edward

    “We chose the Christendom Curriculum to train our children to be fearless warriors, thoughtful apologists, winsome ambassadors, and dominating settlers for God's Kingdom.”— Stephen

  • "How on earth did you find the gems you have in this curriculum?!? A course in logic by Lewis Carroll??? Essay Writing by Robert Lewis Stevenson??? This is really a brain treat! It's fantastic!" — Debra

    Absolutely fantastic! I honestly didn’t know this kind of curriculum existed. I’m very happy to have stumbled across it!” — Mindy

    "My Dad chose your curriculum because there is no one else who has a Christian Nationalist curriculum. My family is conservative and my Daddy wants me to be prepared to face the United States we live in today." — Anne

    I love the one room schoolhouse' style, so many subjects can be taught as a family. This gives us opportunity for collaborative study and has started a family hobby! My kids are thriving with the math and the phonics. We're loving it and having so much fun!" Delia

  • "As a Christian and veteran home educator, I find The Christendom Curriculum to be far more user friendly and economical, and adaptable to the needs of each child than similar programs." — Jan

    “This is amazing. I have been teaching my kids under the Charlotte Mason method and this is very similar, but I love how this is centered completely around Christian beliefs and values. Thank you for making this so affordable, especially at a time like this. God Bless you!” — Lori

    "This is far better priced than any other program we’ve looked at. I have two children and was ready to spend much more on another curriculum until I happened upon this. This is for all children in your household, not each one. Great deal for a complete Christian curriculum." — Michael

    “As an African American I was skeptical and even falsely accused this curriculum and its creators as racist! This is not true at all!! I always felt like I didn't fit in anywhere, because I am an African American who is proud of my country. My heart swells with pride as I think of our founding fathers. I am thankful to live where I do! I am thankful for the freedom I have to help advance the Kingdom of God through educating my children and helping them to understand and be thankful for their Christian Heritage.”Deena

  • My six year old is doing a lot better on his handwriting than in public school. I loved seeing the surprised look on his face when he found out that King Nebuchadnezzar and Aesop died in the same year. Things he wouldn't have known in regular school.” — Wendy

    “What you have here is golden. I can't thank you enough. I have been like a little kid in a candy shop looking through everything!” — Bryan

  • Disclaimer

    Please Read: This Is Very Important. You should understand that The Christendom Curriculum is not for everyone.

    So who should not join The Christendom Curriculum?

    First of all, we reject violence,* so if that is your chosen culture war tactic, we are not for you. We are not revolutionaries, but rather the opposite.


    *By violence, I mean actual, unjustified violence--I don't mean speaking your opinion out loud, or "white silence," or self-defense.

    Though you will hear differently from our enemies, we are not White Nationalists. Rather, we are Christian Nationalists, believing that the nation is the best context for all the races and peoples of mankind to flourish in peace, trust, and happiness. (In our judgment, White Nationalists are not Nationalists at all, since they draw the line at race instead of nation.)

    But there are other reasons that some may not want to join us. To be more specific, here is the disclaimer from our Terms of Service:

    “This Curriculum is a Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum, and as such is pro-American, pro-European, pro-Christendom, pro-South, anti-Social Justice, anti-Multiculturalist, and anti-Globalist. As a Christian Nationalist curriculum, we also support the rights of all nations, whether of European origin or not, to live in their own culturally unique ways; we oppose violence as a means of political change; believe all men are created in the image of God and entitled to all the respect and honor pertaining to that status; and we fervently pray for peace, truth, true justice, and righteousness under Christ’s Law and Gospel for all nations, whether European or African, Gentile or Jew. If any of this offends you, The Christendom Curriculum is likely not a good fit for you, unless you are open to having your thoughts on these matters challenged. However, we would much prefer that you not purchase this Curriculum than to purchase it and then complain because you don’t like aspects of it that we have openly described from the beginning.”
    Along with this, we clearly state our return and refund policy in our Terms of Service:

    "To keep costs down for homeschool families, we have created this Curriculum using such features as digital books, online delivery, and a no-return policy. Because we do not offer refunds, we encourage you to make sure The Christendom Curriculum is a good fit for you before purchase. We provide a great deal of information on our website, we send out Study Help and Battle Paper samples as part of our extensive Free Sample Pack, upon request, and we are happy to answer any additional questions you have before you buy."


    Finally, you will notice in our Free Sample Pack that we are a Three R's (Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic), Back to Basics, Classic Books curriculum. Kids spend the academic portion of their day reading good books, writing about what they read, and learning math.

    That's it. All the traditional subjects (Bible, History, Literature, Science, etc.) are covered during Reading.

    Thus, there are no lesson plans, no video lectures, no tests to grade, and no "homework." We give lots of instruction for how to arrange and organize your day and maintain your schedule ( a 57-page Parent's Guide, along with Student Guides for every Year, a daily and weekly schedule spreadsheet template, and more), but ultimately, this curriculum provides you hundreds of books and dozens of Study Helps and Battle Papers (worldview/culture war essays), so that you can take our materials and arrange your day as you think best.

    If you are comfortable with a curriculum that provides all the content but does not plan out every hour of every day, then The Christendom Curriculum is for you. If reading, writing, and math materials are not enough, and you want specific lesson plans for every day, then our program may not be a good fit for you.
    To summarize: We do not offer refunds, we provide tons of content and guidance but not daily lesson plans, and we take positions that are unpopular, including among some conservatives and right-wingers.
    These positions make us unique among homeschool programs, and it is why so many people have said to us things like this: “Absolutely fantastic! I honestly didn't know this kind of curriculum existed. I'm very happy to have stumbled across this.”
    But at the same time, we are all at different points in our journey toward truth, and some of what we have to say may not sit well with you at this point in your own journey.
    We offer all of the above information because we want to be completely honest and above-board in our dealings with people. If The Christendom Curriculum seems to you to be, shall we say, too much too fast, we understand, and we would prefer that you not sign up. Please make sure that we are what you are looking for (and the vast majority of our members have said we are) before you join. We are happy to answer any questions you may have.

    Read our full Terms of Service (which you are agreeing to when you join) here.

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