• A Pre-K–12 Home Education Founded on the Holy Scriptures

    The heart of all education—the beginning of wisdom—is the fear of the Lord. Thus study of the Biblical texts is central to The Christendom Curriculum. We’ve even created a unique Chronological Bible that allows your children to read through the Scriptures in the order the events took place—and to read the books of the Bible in the order in which the people of God would have received them in history. Within that Christian and Biblical context, your children will be thoroughly equipped in the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic. They will read far more books than their government-educated peers. They will get far more practice with their writing skills. And they will learn culture war strategies that are taught in no other curriculum.

  • A Treasure-Trove of Benefits

    * Pre-K-12 curriculum: Replace or supplement your existing curriculum.

    * Self-Taught Study: Save hundreds of hours of time in preparation and study.

    * Save money: Digital books and delivery means your cost is far lower than most other programs.

    * Easy to Use: Covering all subjects through a back-to-basics, Three R's approach, students spend their academic hours reading, writing, and learning mathematics.

    * Protect your children from the propaganda of those who hate them and are seeking to destroy American and Western cultures.

    * The only Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum on the market.

    * Teach children the Story of Christendom, Christ's rule over the nations throughout history.

    * Pass on the legacy of your values, free of Woke, anti-American, anti-Western bias.

  • Everything in One Place

    With your Christendom Curriculum membership, you’ll get
    everything you need for a successful homeschool experience:

    * Hundreds of books and essays in digital form: printable, or viewable on computers, tablets, or phones.


    * Key educational and research resources: 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica (29 vols.), 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, Cambridge Medieval History (8 vols.), Ussher’s Annals of the World, et al.


    * The Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide, a one-page reference sheet to help you quickly understand our educational methodology.


    * The Christendom Curriculum Parent's Guide, a detailed PDF book to help you and your children make the most of the adventure of homeschooling.


    * Subject Guide PDFs for every Year with specific instructions on the books and subjects covered.


    * Battle Papers: our unique series of dozens of original Worldview/Culture War Essays to guide your children through the battlefield of a contested civilization. Topics include Social Justice, Multiculturalism, America First, Christian Nationalism, Monument Desecration, Feminism, and many more.


    * Our own Study Helps series of introductory academic essays, including “Reading for Learning: A Simple Approach,” as well as essays on William Shakespeare, Classical Music, Introduction to American History, Essay Writing, and many others.

    * The Christendom Curriculum Daily Schedule, a 180-day, 36-week schedule spreadsheet to use as a daily checklist, and as a record of your child’s academic progress and accomplishment through the years.


    * Unique, K–12 focus on Christendom, and the story of God’s gracious work in European and American civilization.


    * Integrated study of Bible, History, Literature, Art, Music, and Science in our one-of-a-kind unit structure of The Four Ages of Christendom: Christendom Rising (Ancient World), Christendom Triumphant (Medieval World), Christendom Besieged (Modern World), and Christendom Reborn (Future World).


    * Culture War for Kids, a unique series of essays preparing kids for the challenges of our civilization in an age-appropriate way.


    * The Jordan Chronological Bible, available nowhere else.

    * Phonics, Math, Spelling, Grammar, and Geography instruction.

    * Intensive Practical Experience in Developing Writing Skills. Weekly essay requirements for Bible, History, and Literature.

    * Hundreds of Copy Work pages derived from the Bible and great works of history and literature to help students develop language and writing skills from an early age.


    * Students will go through every one of Shakespeare’s plays, along with many other classic works of Western Literature.


    * Readings in Biblical Theology, Western and American History and Literature, and Culture War Tactics and Strategy.


    * Readings in Logic, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, and a Biblical view of Government.


    * Practical Culture War Skills: How to Survive an SJW Attack; How to Engage in Social Media Debate; How to Work for Reform in the Local Church.


    * A built-in time for passing on your worldview and faith to your children, through daily Wisdom of the Fathers sessions, a designated time for parents to speak to their children, answering questions and ensuring that the legacy of their deepest convictions is passed on to the next generation.


    * Can be used as a full K-12 curriculum or to supplement your current curriculum with pro-Western, pro-American, anti-Woke materials.


    * The Cost: The Christendom Curriculum provides books and materials for your children’s education years (Pre-K through High School). You can now obtain a lifetime membership for your family at 80% off and lock in a price of about eleven cents per day.


    * Like to take a closer look inside? Get our free Sample Pack, which includes an extensive FAQ with over 50 questions answered; What Makes The Christendom Curriculum Unique? gives a more in-depth look at the features that make us stand out from other homeschool programs; The Christendom Curriculum: How It Works takes you behind the scenes of the methodology we employ to create an easy-to-use homeschool curriculum that is completely adaptable to your family's needs (also includes a current list of available Study Helps and Battle Papers); our Basic Scope and Sequence outlines the overall course of study, including major resources used, and a list of books provided for various subjects; and The Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide provides a one-page reference parents can put up on a refrigerator or cork board as a reminder of how easy The Christendom Curriculum is to use.

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    Our original Battle Papers will guide you and your children through the minefields of the Culture Wars...

    The Christendom Curriculum Battle Papers are introductory worldview and culture war essays covering a wide variety of topics, with more being produced on a regular basis.

    This unique resource gives you hundreds of pages of prepared commentary—on the issues you care about—that you can use as a guide from first grade through graduation. Topics include Racism, Multiculturalism, America First, Was Samson a Toxic Male? Is Narnia Multicultural? Monument Desecration and the Fifth Commandment, Christian Nationalism, Feminism, Social Justice, and many more.

    And it all begins with our one-of-a-kind series, Culture War for Kids, which introduces such ideas as Christian Nationalism, Social Justice Warriors, honoring our ancestors, and more—but all written in age-appropriate ways that won’t overwhelm your children with too much, too fast.

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    ...and our original Study Helps provide academic guidance on a variety of topics

    To help you make the most of your homeschooling adventure, we have created dozens of original Study Helps, which are introductory essays on various academic topics.

    These Study Helps span the subjects of Bible/Theology, Literature, History, and beyond, and cover a wide variety of important topics and questions for children from Pre-K through high school.

    Topics include The Five Stages of Learning, History of the Bible Timeline, Reading for Learning, William Shakespeare, Essay Writing, Annotated American History Reading List, Classical Music, and many more.

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    Love Your Current Curriculum Choice? Hate it? Either Way, You Need The Christendom Curriculum

    The Christendom Curriculum provides a thorough Pre-K-12 homeschool education in Bible, History, Literature, Math, and much more.


    You can use it as your primary, or only curriculum for all your children, no matter their ages.


    But even those who like their current curriculum can supplement it with The Christendom Curriculum.


    This is important, because no other homeschool programs—even those that are good in other respects—feature the unique focus on Christian Nationalism and Culture War that you’ll find in The Christendom Curriculum.

    In addition to our Battle Papers and Study Helps (available nowhere else), The Christendom Curriculum includes hundreds of books—many of them hard to find—that we have compiled and collected for each Year of your child’s education.


    These Battle Papers, Study Helps, and Books can be useful as supplements to your existing curriculum, to give your child a unique education and training in Christian Worldview and Culture War.

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    The proven self-taught model used in The Christendom Curriculum saves parents a tremendous amount of time.

    And when it comes to money? While government schools spend $10,000 or more per student, per year. and even Homeschool families can expect to spend at least $500 per student, per year, The Christendom Curriculum employs digital books and online delivery to keep the cost as low as possible.

    Right now, you can save 80% for lifetime access to our complete Pre-K - 12 home education system.

    No extra costs for additional children, no textbooks to purchase,* no monthly fees.

    * In a small minority of cases, where digital copies of assigned books are not available, we provide links to online sources for purchasing these few books, along with a link to a remarkable source where you can check out digital and audio books through your local library—online!

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    Home Education for A Rising Conservative Age​

    Despite the craziness around us, the fact is that the observable trends throughout the West (and beyond) are in the direction of culture, custom, and tradition, and away from the globalist, progressive, and "Woke" approach to society.

    And families like yours need a homeschool curriculum that reflects that emerging reality.

    The Christendom Curriculum rejects the globalist and social justice warrior demand to despise our American and Western history, heritage, and heroes.

    Instead, we teach children to honor their fathers and mothers of past generations, while looking ahead to a future re-established on the firm foundation of historic Christendom.

    The Christendom Curriculum is designed for homeschooling with hope.

  • Have Questions? Interested in a Free Sample?

    Get our extensive FAQ (50+ questions), along with our free Sample Pack here. Below are a few basic questions.

    How does The Christendom Curriculum work?

    The Christendom Curriculum is a large compilation of electronic format books (PDF), mostly older works, free of the politically correct leftist activism of our day. We also provide a number of helps and guides for parents and students, but the basic setup is very simple: Students spend their academic hours in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Note: for those who prefer to print electronic books, we have some information in the Christendom Curriculum to help you.

    How much work will I have to do as a parent?

    As a self-taught homeschool program, The Christendom Curriculum requires little direct teaching work for parents, particularly as children reach about Year 5 (fifth grade). Because we believe strongly in the necessity of parents passing on their wisdom, faith, and heritage to their children, we allow time for that to happen each day. But there are no tests to grade, no lesson plans to work through, and no homework to supervise.

    How does The Christendom Curriculum teach students about such matters as Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, etc.?

    We provide carefully selected Reading Courses that deal with a variety of subjects related to our current culture wars, including Feminism, Social Justice, "Cultural Marxism," Local Reform, and more. Our original Battle Papers (Worldview/Culture War Essays) provide essential guidance through important issues, and our Reading for Learning method helps young scholars know what to look for, and what questions to ask, as they read. We even provide a short but interesting series on Culture Wars for Kids, tailored to younger ages, but going over the principles that will be vital to understand later. No other curriculum is even thinking about these subjects.

    Why focus so much on your own civilization over others?

    This is like asking, “Why focus so much on your own children over others?” To love your own in no way means that you must harbor bad feelings toward others. Besides, it would be somewhat arrogant for us to presume to teach people of other civilizations how to handle their own cultures. While we believe God wants a diversity of nations, each serving and glorifying Him in their own cultural ways, we know our own civilization better than we know others; and frankly, our civilization is in great trouble now, and needs a little attention.​

    Do you believe Western Civilization is better than all others in every way?

    No. Every nation and civilization has its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, one of the important principles guiding The Christendom Curriculum is that the West, including America, has turned away from God, and needs to repent in order to return to the cultural greatness we once had.

  • Today Is a New Beginning

    This is your chance to begin passing on the legacy of Christendom to your children. It’s time to reclaim what has been lost and raise up a new generation to defend and rebuild America and Western Christian Civilization.


    Replace or supplement your homeschool program with The Christendom Curriculum today, and you’ll get a complete Pre-K through 12 homeschool curriculum that upholds the values of Christian, Western, and American civilization.