• Homeschool Families: Time to Fight Back

    Tired of being told you and your children are the cause of all of America’s problems?


    Tired of paying top dollar for homeschool curricula only to have to filter out a lot of anti-American, politically correct, multicultural material?


    Join The Christendom Curriculum today, and start raising up children who love their countryand who are equipped to defend her.

    They Hate Your Children Because of Who They Are

    The Globalist Left grows more insane and enraged every day. They are convinced that the people of America—and all the European peoples of Western Civilization—are the source of virtually all the evils in the world.


    They hate you—they hate your children—just because of what you look like, who your ancestors were, who you are.


    The answer is to give your children an education in the Bible and the great books of Western Civilization: the Civilization of America and the peoples of Europe.


    The answer is The Christendom Curriculum.

    They Are Destroying the Country Your Ancestors Built

    Tearing down statues, renaming roads, changing holidays—the hatred of the Globalist Left for our nation, and for our history, heritage, and heroes, has become utterly unhinged. They are openly proclaiming their intention to replace the American and European peoples in the countries their ancestors built.

  • At Last…A Christian Nationalist Homeschool Curriculum


    In an era that despises and dishonors our fathers in the faith, the fathers of our people, The Christendom Curriculum was created to provide a homeschool experience that honors our fathers and mothers, as the Scriptures command.


    This is a thoroughly Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum: that means we embrace God’s intention, as described in the Bible, to raise up many nations in the earth, each with its own unique culture and language, to glorify Him in their own unique ways.


    We understand that God stands against all anti-nationalist, or Globalist, schemes, whether it is the Tower of Babel, the United Nations, or the European Union.


    And The Christendom Curriculum honors the civilization that produced the unique cultures of America and the West, not as the only valid civilization in the world, but as our civilization, the one God gave us, and our fathers built for us.


    This is our home. It’s not perfect. It’s not for everybody. But it’s ours, and we love it.


    We have created a curriculum to help your children grow up to love it, too.

  • Pro-Christendom, Pro-Western Civilization, Pro-America

    That’s why you’ll find this curriculum honors the heroes of the West, the heroes of Christendom, and the heroes of America.


    We don’t disparage other peoples or cultures.


    We don’t wish for the supremacy or domination of our civilization over others.


    We don’t pretend that our ancestors were sinless—though we do insist that they were not guilty of the trumped-up charges today’s ignorant Social Justice Warriors fling at them.


    But we do love our people, our ancestors, our religion, our language, and our culture.


    If this is hateful, make the most of it.

    Anti-Globalist, Anti-Multiculturalist, Anti-Social Justice

    The game is up for our enemies. The con they have been running on us—suppressing and dominating us by making us feel guilty for made-up sins supposedly committed by our ancestors decades or centuries ago, and for our own ongoing “privilege” and “racism” which is causing all the problems in the world today—has grown tiresome and stale, and is no longer working.


    We’ve figured it out: “Diversity” means “no more European-Americans.” “Multicultural” means “any culture but those of Europe and America.” “Social Justice” means “give us your money, you over-privileged monster!”


    The Christendom Curriculum not only exposes this game for your kids—it teaches them to fight back.


    Teach Your Children To Read, Write, Cipher…and Defend Their Civilization.

    In The Christendom Curriculum, your children will receive a top-notch education, beginning with Bible stories, music, and phonics in the younger grades, and including math, spelling, writing, and history; and ending with advanced studies in literature, theology, economics, politics, and more, along with books and readings designed to provide a thorough grounding in the culture wars, preparing your children for encounters with Globalists, Feminists, and Social Justice Warriors.


    The West is Dead. Long Live the West.

    It’s all over for Western Civilization, say our enemies—and some of our friends. Christendom is finished. You chumps were on the wrong side of history anyway. It’s time to move on.


    The West is dead.


    Not so fast. It’s true that the culture and consensus that the Christian peoples of Europe and America created has been severely poisoned and is, for all intents and purposes, gone.


    But what remains is significant—and powerful. What remains is the faith of the West, the homelands of the West, and the peoples of the West.


    God will not abandon us if we repent of abandoning Him. Thus The Christendom Curriculum calls our people to return to Christ, before anything else. Having done that, we have a mighty task before us: driving out our enemies, putting out the fires of their destruction, and rebuilding something glorious in its place. Different than what went before; better, by God’s grace.


    But still Christian; still Western; still American; still ours. Still home.


    Long live the West.

    Teach the Story of Christendom…The Story of Your People

    With The Christendom Curriculum, you will be able to teach your children the Story of Christendom, the Story of Your People, to capture their hearts and imaginations, their loves and loyalties, and redirect them where God would have them to be—and away from the false loves and loyalties demanded by those who hate us and would destroy us.


    The Christian faith teaches that God has a glorious future in store for all nations—not just those of Europe and America.


    In light of this, we are called to love and pray for all men, and not just those of our own family or nation.


    But our primary responsibility is to those in the lands, counties, and households where God has placed us. That’s why we need to know the story of our people, our country, and our civilization.


    A Complete K–12 Home Education


    The heart of all education—the beginning of wisdom—is the fear of the Lord. Thus Bible study and worship are central to The Christendom Curriculum. We’ve even created a unique Chronological Bible that allows your children to read through the Scriptures in the order the events took place—and to read the books of the Bible in the order in which the people of God would have received them in history.


    Within that Christian and Biblical context, your children will be thoroughly equipped in the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.


    They will read far more books than their government-educated peers.


    They will get far more practice with their writing skills.


    And they will learn culture-warfare skills that are taught in no other curriculum.

  • A Self-Taught Curriculum

    The truly educated man or woman is not one who has merely absorbed—and probably forgotten—massive amounts of information.


    The educated are those who have learned how to learn.


    They know how to think, how to research, how to read and converse and sort through the available data, how to formulate and evaluate arguments, how to reach conclusions.


    This means it is important for your children to grow in their ability to teach themselves. In this way, they will acquire a large, exceptional, and ever-growing body of knowledge that will set them apart from their public-school-educated peers.


    The Christendom Curriculum provides a homeschool education using a proven, self-taught model, rooted in the timeless academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.

    Save Hundreds of Hours of Time

    Lack of time is considered a major homeschool entry barrier for many families—How will I find the time? Even those who have been homeschooling for years often feel they are never fully caught up because of constant demands on their time, unexpected events or emergencies, and the everyday hustle and bustle of family life.


    But the self-taught model used in The Christendom Curriculum has been used for years in similar curriculum programs to give children the very best education, regardless of whether the parent has enough time in their day, or not.


    Younger children do require more direct parental involvement, but as your child grows in knowledge and academic skills, your time requirement decreases. Eventually, your parental homeschool responsibilities are reduced to only (1) Daily Chapel; (2) Daily Review Meeting for Q&A and Wisdom of the Fathers sessions*; and (3) Weekly Review of Written Essays.


    * A designated time for fathers and mothers to talk with their children, speaking to them of their deeply held beliefs, values, loves, and loyalties—a daily time for “passing the torch” of your faith and vision to the next generation.

  • Everything in One Place


    With your Christendom Curriculum membership, you’ll get everything you need for a successful homeschool experience:

    * Hundreds of books and essays in digital form: printable, or viewable on computers, tablets, or phones.


    * Key educational and research resources: 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica, 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, Cambridge Medieval History, Ussher’s Annals of the World, etc.


    * The Christendom Curriculum Parent's Manual, a detailed, 100-page PDF book.


    * Video Tutorials to get you started. Complete Guide PDFs for every Year.


    * Battle Papers: our unique series of dozens of Worldview Essays to guide your students’ reading.


    * Unique, K–12 focus on Christendom, and the story of God’s gracious work in European and American civilization.


    * No boring (and probably inaccurate) textbooks: read original sources, histories, literature, legends, and letters instead.


    * Our own Study Helps series of essays, including “How to Read Books for Learning: A Simple Approach.”


    * The Jordan Chronological Bible, available nowhere else.


    * Intensive Practical Experience in Developing Writing Skills. Weekly essay requirements for Bible, History, and Literature.


    * Phonics, Math, and Spelling instruction.


    * Hundreds of Copywork Pages derived from the Bible and great works of history and literature. Develop language and writing skills from an early age.


    * Students will go through every one of Shakespeare’s plays.


    * Readings in Biblical Theology, Western History and Literature, Law, Ethics, and Culture War Tactics and Strategy.

    * Readings in Logic, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, Western Philosophy.


    * Readings in practical Business Skills: How to Start an Online Business; How to Manage Your Finances; How to Create a YouTube Channel, etc.


    * Practical Culture War Skills: How to Survive an SJW Attack; How to Engage in Social Media Debate; How to Work for Reform in the Local Church; Christendom Goals for Local Politics.


    * The best curriculum for passing on your worldview and faith to your children, through daily Wisdom of the Fathers sessions, a designated time for parents to speak to their children, answering questions and ensuring that the legacy of their deepest convictions is passed on to the next generation.


    * A community of support made up of like-minded homeschool families.


    * Regular video discussions, newsletters, and updates to the ever-expanding, ever-improving Christendom Curriculum.


    * The Cost: less than 93 cents per day, for your entire family.*


    * Based on a family with three children.


    Like to take a closer look inside? Click to download our 25-page A Glimpse Inside the Christendom Curriculum, which provides a list of books, resources, study helps, our unique Battle Paper worldview essays that are included for Pre-K through Year (Grade) 12, plus a sample Year Overview so you can see what an entire Year looks like at a glance.

  • Save A Treasure-Trove of Your Hard-Earned Money


    It’s well-known that government schools spend $10,000 or more per student, per year. Homeschool families do much better, but even there, some estimates suggest that the average family can expect to spend $500 per student, per year. If you have three, four, five, or more children, even that much more modest amount may be a problem.


    That’s why The Christendom Curriculum employs digital books, online delivery, and other features to keep the cost as low as possible.


    We have gathered hundreds of digital books and essays, so you don’t have to purchase a huge stack of paper-and-ink books on top of your curriculum costs.*


    Thus, far from spending thousands or even many hundreds of dollars per student, per year, your cost is kept to a minimum:

    $187 per family, per year, plus $50 per Year/Grade.**


    For a family of three children, that’s less than 93 cents per day to educate all your children, all year long.


    Your membership in The Christendom Curriculum covers all your children, of all ages, for all grade levels, and all subjects, and plugs them in to a dynamic homeschool study program that just gets better, day by day and week by week.


    * In a small minority of cases, where digital copies of assigned books are not available, we provide links to online sources for purchasing these few books. We also recommend checking with your local library or used bookstores to see if these titles can be obtained there.


    ** In addition to your $187 annual family tuition, you will purchase a Year Pack for each child in your family. But you only purchase each Year Pack once, and can reuse the Packs with younger children when they reach those Years. Plus, you get all future updates for each purchased Year Pack free.

  • Bonus Gifts – Limited Time Only!

    The Christendom Curriculum was not created by a church or organization, but by a homeschool family. The original essays and other materials were written by me, W. C. Newsom, the father of the family. I have a background in creating training materials, and in professional writing and editing. I have written or contributed to nine books, including two novels, as well as writing worldview essays and creating class sessions on Shakespeare, C. S. Lewis, Tennyson, Hemingway, and others, for a popular Great Books homeschool curriculum.


    When you join The Christendom Curriculum, you will get the following bonus gifts from us absolutely free:


    Free Bonus # 1:


    A signed, personalized copy of my book, Talking of Dragons, which, in addition to being a family guide through the children’s books of J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, also concludes every chapter with practical tips for building a storytelling culture in your home.


    This is the book conservative scholar and author Bradley J. Birzer says “offers us many excellent insights into the minds of Tolkien and Lewis”, and pastor and author Douglas Wilson says “provides very shrewd and practical help to parents who want to grow in their love of story, along with their children.”

    Free Bonus # 2:



    A PDF version of my eBook, Family Lore: Kindling a Love of Story in Children, written for families, and full of practical tips and useful ideas on getting kids interested in books and stories, including tips for reluctant readers and suggestions for intelligent interaction with books and movies.



    These bonuses are limited-time only, so don’t miss out on them. Join The Christendom Curriculum today using the link button below.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How does The Christendom Curriculum work?

    The Christendom Curriculum is a large compilation of electronic format books (PDF), mostly older works, free of the insane multiculturalism and social justice activism of our day. We also provide a number of helps and guides for parents and students, but the basic setup is very simple: students spend their academic hours in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Note: for those who prefer to print electronic books, we have some information in the Christendom Curriculum Parent’s Guide to help you.


    How much work will I have to do as a parent?

    As a self-taught homeschool program, The Christendom Curriculum requires very little work for parents to do once the child reaches Year 5 (fifth grade). Because we believe strongly in the necessity of parents passing on their wisdom, faith, and heritage to their children, we allow time for that to happen each day. But there are no tests to grade, no lesson plans to work through, and no homework to supervise.

    How does The Christendom Curriculum teach students about such matters as Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, etc.?

    We provide carefully selected Reading Courses in a variety of subjects related to our current culture wars, including Feminism, Social Justice, Cultural Marxism, Local Reform, and more. Our original Worldview Essays provide essential guidance through the subject matter of each course, and our Reading for Learning method helps young scholars know what to look for, and what questions to ask, as they read. We even provide a short but interesting series on culture wars for younger children, tailored to their age, but going over the principles that will be vital to understand later. No other curriculum is even thinking about these subjects.

    Isn’t it racist to focus so much on your own civilization?

    We might also ask, “isn’t it mean and hateful to love your own children more than others?” To love your own in no way means that you must hate others. Besides, it would be somewhat arrogant for us to presume to teach people of other civilizations how to handle their own cultures. While we believe God wants a diversity of nations, each serving and glorifying Him in their own cultural ways, we know our own civilization best; and frankly, our civilization is in great trouble now, and needs a little attention.

    Do you believe Western Civilization is better than all others in every way?

    No, every nation and civilization has its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, one of the important principles guiding The Christendom Curriculum is that the West, including America, has turned away from God, and needs to repent in order to return to the cultural greatness we once had.

  • Today Is a New Beginning

    This is your chance to begin passing on the legacy of Christendom to your children. It’s time to fight back, to reclaim what has been lost, and raise up a new generation to win the war for Western Civilization. Join The Christendom Curriculum today.



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