• At Last…A Homeschool Curriculum based on traditional Christian values, and the blessings and achievements of Western Civilization.

    The Corona Virus (and all the insanity that followed it) has made homeschooling more popular than ever in America. But whether you’re new to home education or an old pro, it’s time for a homeschooling curriculum rooted in the timeless principles of culture, custom, tradition, and, above all, faith in Christ as the Lord of the nations..

    Join the world’s only Christian Nationalist homeschool curriculum—The Christendom Curriculum—and start giving your children a solid education in the Bible and the Great Books of Western Civilization—without the politically correct, globalist, leftist bias.

    “Someone is finally just doing something thousands of homeschooling moms contemplate all the time.”


    Quick Intro to The Christendom Curriculum



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  • A Complete K–12 Home Education

    The heart of all education—the beginning of wisdom—is the fear of the Lord. Thus Bible study is central to The Christendom Curriculum. We’ve even created a unique Chronological Bible that allows your children to read through the Scriptures in the order the events took place—and to read the books of the Bible in the order in which the people of God would have received them in history.

    Within that Christian and Biblical context, your children will be thoroughly equipped in the basic academic skills of reading, writing, and arithmetic.


    They will read far more books than their government-educated peers.


    They will get far more practice with their writing skills.


    And they will learn culture war strategies that are taught in no other curriculum.

  • Save Hundreds of Hours of Time

    Lack of time is considered a major homeschool entry barrier for many families—How will I find the time? Even those who have been homeschooling for years often feel they are never fully caught up because of constant demands on their time, unexpected events or emergencies, and the everyday hustle and bustle of family life.


    But the self-taught model used in The Christendom Curriculum has been used for many years in similar curriculum programs to give children the very best education, regardless of whether the parent has enough time in their day, or not.


    Younger children do require more direct parental involvement, but as your child grows in knowledge and academic skills, your time requirement decreases. For children in 5th grade or higher, parental homeschool responsibilities are only (1) Daily Chapel; (2) Daily Review Meeting for Q&A and Wisdom of the Fathers sessions*; and (3) Weekly Review of Written Essays.


    No lesson plans to work through, no tests to grade, no homework to supervise. Evaluation is built into the curriculum—you’ll know how your children are progressing by how well they are doing with their weekly essays.


    * A designated time for fathers and mothers to talk with their children, speaking to them of their deeply held beliefs, values, loves, and loyalties—a daily time for “passing the torch” of your faith and vision to the next generation.

  • A Self-Taught Curriculum

    The truly educated man or woman is not one who has merely absorbed—and probably forgotten—massive amounts of information.


    The educated are those who have learned how to learn.


    They know how to think, how to research, how to read and converse and sort through the available data, how to formulate and evaluate arguments, how to reach conclusions.


    This means it is important for your children to grow in their ability to teach themselves.


    In this way, they will acquire a large, exceptional, and ever-growing body of knowledge that will set them apart from their public-school-educated peers—and they will know how to use it.


    The Christendom Curriculum provides a homeschool education using a proven, self-taught model focused on systematic reading of books in various academic subjects, and weekly writing assignments based on those books.

  • Everything in One Place

    With your Christendom Curriculum membership, you’ll get
    everything you need for a successful homeschool experience:

    * Hundreds of books and essays in digital form: printable, or viewable on computers, tablets, or phones.


    * Key educational and research resources: 1911 Encyclopedia Britannica (29 vols.), 1828 Webster’s Dictionary, Cambridge Medieval History (8 vols.), Ussher’s Annals of the World, et al.


    * The Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide, a one-page reference sheet to help you quickly understand our educational methodology.


    * The Christendom Curriculum Parent's Guide, a detailed PDF book to help you and your children make the most of the adventure of homeschooling.


    * Student Guide PDFs for every Year with specific instructions on the books and subjects covered.


    * Battle Papers: our unique series of dozens of Worldview/Culture War Essays to guide your children through the battlefield of a contested civilization. Topics include Social Justice, Multiculturalism, America First, Christian Nationalism, Monument Desecration, and many more.

    * The Christendom Curriculum Daily Schedule, a 180-day, 36-week schedule spreadsheet to use as a daily checklist, and as a record of your child’s academic progress and accomplishment through the years.


    * Unique, K–12 focus on Christendom, and the story of God’s gracious work in European and American civilization.


    * Integrated study of Bible, History, Literature, Art, Music, and Science in our original unit structure of The Four Ages of Christendom: Christendom Rising (Ancient World), Christendom Triumphant (Medieval World), Christendom Besieged (Modern World), and Christendom Reborn (Future World).


    * Culture War for Kids, a unique series of essays preparing kids for the challenges of our civilization, but in an age-appropriate way.


    * Our own Study Helps series of introductory academic essays, including “Reading for Learning: A Simple Approach,” as well as essays on William Shakespeare, Classical Music, Introduction to American History, Essay Writing, and many others.


    * The Jordan Chronological Bible, available nowhere else.

    * Phonics, Math, Spelling, Grammar, and Geography instruction.

    * Intensive Practical Experience in Developing Writing Skills. Weekly essay requirements for Bible, History, and Literature.


    * Hundreds of Copy Work pages derived from the Bible and great works of history and literature to help students develop language and writing skills from an early age.


    * Students will go through every one of Shakespeare’s plays, along with many other classic works of Western Literature.


    * Readings in Biblical Theology, Western and American History and Literature, and Culture War Tactics and Strategy.


    * Readings in Logic, Rhetoric, Public Speaking, Creative Writing, and a Biblical view of Government.


    * Practical Culture War Skills: How to Survive an SJW Attack; How to Engage in Social Media Debate; How to Work for Reform in the Local Church.


    * A built-in time for passing on your worldview and faith to your children, through daily Wisdom of the Fathers sessions, a designated time for parents to speak to their children, answering questions and ensuring that the legacy of their deepest convictions is passed on to the next generation.


    * Can be used as a full K-12 curriculum or to supplement your current curriculum with pro-Western, pro-American, anti-political correctness materials.


    * The Cost: The Christendom Curriculum provides books and materials for your children’s education (Pre-K through High School). With a price of only $187.00 $99.99/year for the entire program, that comes to about fifty-five cents per day, for your whole family, for all years.


    * Like to take a closer look inside? Get our free Sample Pack, which includes an extensive FAQ with over 50 questions answered; What Makes The Christendom Curriculum Unique? gives a more in-depth look at the features that make us stand out from other homeschool programs; The Christendom Curriculum: How It Works takes you behind the scenes of the methodology we employ to create an easy-to-use homeschool curriculum that is completely adaptable to your family's needs (also includes a current list of available Study Helps and Battle Papers); our Basic Scope and Sequence outlines the overall course of study, including major resources used, and a list of books provided for various subjects; and The Christendom Curriculum Quick Start Guide provides a one-page reference parents can put up on a refrigerator or cork board as a reminder of how easy The Christendom Curriculum is to use.

  • Save A Treasure-Trove of Your Hard-Earned Money

    It’s well-known that government schools spend $10,000 or more per student, per year. Homeschool families do much better, but even there, some estimates suggest that the average family can expect to spend $500 per student, per year. If you have three, four, five, or more children, even that much more modest amount may be a challenge.


    That’s why The Christendom Curriculum employs digital books and online delivery to keep the cost as low as possible.


    We have gathered hundreds of digital books and essays, so you don’t have to purchase a huge stack of paper-and-ink books on top of your curriculum costs.*


    Thus, far from spending thousands or even many hundreds of dollars per student, per year (or, in some cases, per month), your cost is kept to a minimum:


    For a limited time, we're cutting the price from $187.00/year to only $99.99/year. That price gets you access to our complete Pre-K - 12 home education system. No extra costs for additional children, no textbooks to purchase,* no monthly fees.


    That’s less than 55 cents per day to educate all your children, for all your homeschooling years.


    Your membership in The Christendom Curriculum covers all your children, of all ages, for all grade levels, and all subjects, and plugs them in to a dynamic homeschool study program that just gets better, every month, every year.


    * In a small minority of cases, where digital copies of assigned books are not available, we provide links to online sources for purchasing these few books. We also recommend checking with your local library or used bookstores to see if these titles can be obtained there. Further, we will provide a link to a remarkable source where you can check out digital and audio books through your local library—online!

  • What Christendom Curriculum Members Are Saying

    Hear from the ones who know us best!

    "I am amazed by all of the information, and guidance to more information, in The Christendom Curriculum. We are truly excited for this school year, or should I say 'year of education'!" — Tiffany

    “The Christendom Curriculum is old-school, pun intended, and the simplicity is refreshing. But there is so much information/education packed into this program. I have spent days learning my way around to get ready for starting with my child. It will be a re-education for me!” — Julie

    “Most politically correct curricula speak against America and expect America to apologize for everything while ignoring what other groups do. Most Christian curricula are being changed because people are offended by the truth. But The Christendom Curriculum tells things the way they are through a Christian viewpoint. Its political views are nationalist. It is pro-West and pro-America." — Ariel

    “To be honest, this program is worth it for the Battle Papers alone! And the prepared reading lists save you hours of time. Love it! Wonderful, God-centered, in-depth educational program for K-12!” — Marian

  • "My daughter is quite happy with The Christendom Curriculum. She likes that there is a lot of reading and not a lot of busy worksheet work, and the opportunity to spend time with me one on one. My three year old wanted to start school as well, so we have been working with her, though with very simple 30-minute lessons. Chapel has been a really positive time for all of us, and the girls really enjoy Jamie Soles' music. Looking forward to continuing their education with this curriculum!” " — Kimberly

    I heard about the Battle Papers on the Dissident Mama podcast and they do not disappoint! There is NO OTHER curriculum like The Christendom Curriculum!” — Matthew

    "The Christendom Curriculum does not just teach the three R’s – reading, writing, and arithmetic – it teaches your child to grow into a culture warrior in the battle to preserve and advance the culture, philosophy, and faith of our ancestors. There is absolutely nothing politically correct about The Christian Curriculum." — Edward

    “We chose the Christendom Curriculum to train our children to be fearless warriors, thoughtful apologists, winsome ambassadors, and dominating settlers for God's Kingdom.”— Stephen

  • "How on earth did you find the gems you have in this curriculum?!? A course in logic by Lewis Carroll??? Essay Writing by Robert Lewis Stevenson??? This is really a brain treat! It's fantastic!" — Debra

    Absolutely fantastic! I honestly didn’t know this kind of curriculum existed. I’m very happy to have stumbled across it!” — Mindy

    "My Dad chose your curriculum because there is no one else who has a Christian Nationalist curriculum. My family is conservative and my Daddy wants me to be prepared to face the United States we live in today." — Anne

    I love the one room schoolhouse' style, so many subjects can be taught as a family. This gives us opportunity for collaborative study and has started a family hobby! My kids are thriving with the math and the phonics. We're loving it and having so much fun!" Delia

  • "As a Christian and veteran home educator, I find The Christendom Curriculum to be far more user friendly and economical, and adaptable to the needs of each child than similar programs." — Jan

    “This is amazing. I have been teaching my kids under the Charlotte Mason method and this is very similar, but I love how this is centered completely around Christian beliefs and values. Thank you for making this so affordable, especially at a time like this. God Bless you!” — Lori

    "This is far better priced than any other program we’ve looked at. I have two children and was ready to spend over $500 on another curriculum until I happened upon this. This is for all children in your household, not each one. Great deal for a complete Christian curriculum." — Michael

    “As an African American I was skeptical and even falsely accused this curriculum and its creators as racist! This is not true at all!! I always felt like I didn't fit in anywhere, because I am an African American who is proud of my country. My heart swells with pride as I think of our founding fathers. I am thankful to live where I do! I am thankful for the freedom I have to help advance the Kingdom of God through educating my children and helping them to understand and be thankful for their Christian Heritage.”Deena

  • My six year old is doing a lot better on his handwriting than in public school. I loved seeing the surprised look on his face when he found out that King Nebuchadnezzar and Aesop died in the same year. Things he wouldn't have known in regular school.” — Wendy

    “What you have here is golden. I can't thank you enough. I have been like a little kid in a candy shop looking through everything!” — Bryan

  • Love Your Current Curriculum Choice? Hate it? Either Way, You Need The Christendom Curriculum

    The Christendom Curriculum provides a complete, Pre-K-12 homeschool education in Bible, History, Literature, Math, and much more.


    You can use it as your primary, or only curriculum for all your children, no matter their ages.


    But we’ve intentionally kept the price drastically low so that even those of you who like your current curriculum can supplement it with The Christendom Curriculum.


    This is important, because no other homeschool programs—even those that are excellent in other respects—feature the unique focus on Christian Nationalism and Culture War that you’ll find in The Christendom Curriculum.


    Our Battle Papers series of worldview essays cover a wide variety of topics relevant to the defense and rebuilding of America and the West: Social Justice, Racism, Christian Nationalism, America First, Monument Desecration, and many more.


    Our Study Helps essays help guide your young scholars in their reading and thinking: The Five Stages of Learning; Bible Stories, Psalms, and Proverbs; Storytelling and Books; William Shakespeare; The Adventure of Homeschooling; Reading for Learning: A Simple Approach; Essay Writing; Classical Music; and many more.


    Finally, The Christendom Curriculum includes hundreds of books—many of them hard to find—that we have compiled and collected for each Year of your child’s education.


    These Battle Papers, Study Helps, and Books can be useful as supplements to your existing curriculum, to give your child a unique education and training in Christian Worldview and Culture War.

  • Homeschoolers: Your Enemies Hate You and Your Children

    It's past time we face squarely an unpleasant fact: The Globalist Left grows more insane and enraged every day. They are convinced that the people of America—and all the European peoples of Western Civilization—are the source of virtually all the evils in the world.


    They hate you—they hate your children—just because of what you look like, who your ancestors were, who you are.


    (They also hate you because of who you voted for in 2020.)


    How can you teach your children to navigate the seas of such a divided, suspicious society?


    The answer is to give them an education in the Bible and the great books of Western Civilization—the Civilization of America and the peoples of Europe.


    The answer is The Christendom Curriculum.

  • They Are Destroying the Country Your Ancestors Built

    Tearing down statues, renaming roads, changing holidays—the hatred of the Globalist Left for our nation, and for our history, heritage, and heroes, has become utterly unhinged.


    They are openly proclaiming their intention to destroy the civilization your ancestors built.


    Homeschool families need a curriculum that counteracts all this destructive insanity.

  • In an era that despises and dishonors our fathers in the faith, the fathers of our people, The Christendom Curriculum was created to provide a homeschool experience that honors our fathers and mothers, as the Scriptures command.


    From the Bible, we learn that God stands against all Globalist schemes—whether the Tower of Babel, the United Nations, or the European Union.


    In many places, God’s Word teaches that the Creator of the world has a plan for the nations, and wants them to grow and thrive, in their own unique cultures—free from the tyrannical, elitist, oversight of big government entities that want to crush all local culture and belief and replace them with a multicultural society, governed by a single global government.


    In contrast, The Christendom Curriculum honors the civilization that produced the unique cultures of America and the West—not as the only valid civilization in the world, but as our civilization, the one God gave us, the one our fathers and mothers built for us.


    This is our home. It’s not perfect. It’s not one that everybody in the world would like. But it’s ours, and we love it.


    We have created a curriculum to help your children grow up to love it, too.

  • Pro-Christendom, Pro-Western Civilization, Pro-America

    That’s why you’ll find this curriculum honors the heroes of the West, the heroes of Christendom, and the heroes of America.


    We don’t disparage other peoples or cultures.


    We don’t wish for the supremacy or domination of our civilization over others.


    We don’t pretend that our ancestors were sinless—though we do insist that they were not guilty of the trumped-up charges today’s ignorant Social Justice Warriors fling at them.


    But we do love our people, our ancestors, our religion, our language, and our culture.


    And we want our children to share this love.

    Teach Your Children To Read, Write, Think…and Defend Their Civilization.

    In The Christendom Curriculum, your children will receive a top-notch education, beginning with Bible stories, phonics, classic books, and more—including math, spelling, writing, and history—in the younger grades; and ending in high school with advanced studies in literature, theology, economics, and politics, among others.


    And they'll get books and readings designed to provide a thorough grounding in the culture wars, preparing your children for encounters with Globalists, Feminists, and Social Justice Warriors.

    The West is Dead. Long Live the West.

    It’s all over for Western Civilization, say our enemies—and some of our friends. Christendom is finished. We were on the wrong side of history anyway (so they say). It’s time to move on.


    The West is dead.


    Not so fast. It’s true that the culture and consensus that the Christian peoples of Europe and America created has been severely poisoned and is, for all intents and purposes, gone.


    But what remains is significant—and powerful. What remains is the faith of the West, the homelands of the West, and the peoples of the West.


    God will not abandon us if we repent of abandoning Him. Thus The Christendom Curriculum calls our people to return to Christ, before anything else. Having done that, we have a mighty task before us: driving out our enemies, putting out the fires of their destruction, and rebuilding something glorious in its place.


    Battle, Building, and Beauty—this is the heart of the task that must begin immediately.


    What comes after the Culture War will be different than what went before; better, by God’s grace.


    But still Christian; still Western; still American; still ours. Still home.


    Long live the West.

    Teach the Story of Christendom…The Story of Your People

    With The Christendom Curriculum, you will be able to teach your children the Story of Christendom, the Story of Your People, to capture their hearts and imaginations, their loves and loyalties—rejecting the false loves and loyalties demanded by those who hate us and would destroy us.


    The Christian faith teaches that God has a glorious future in store for all nations—not just those of Europe and America.


    In light of this, we are called to love and pray for all men—not just those of our own family or nation.


    But our primary responsibility is to those in the lands, counties, and households where God has placed us. That’s why we need to know the story of our people, our country, and our civilization.


    That’s what your children will get in The Christendom Curriculum.

  • Whatever you may think of U.S. President Donald Trump, one thing is certain: His upset victory in the 2016 election shocked and confounded the enemies of America and Western Civilization.


    Believe it or not, this has important implications for the education of your children.


    Our enemies seemed unstoppable a few years ago, winning victory after victory. Their complete triumph seemed a foregone conclusion, all but inevitable.


    All that has changed as massive cultural shifts have begun all across the West. The rise of Donald Trump is only one manifestation of these shifts.


    We are living in a time of what we call Divine Counterstrikes—acts of God in history to accomplish His purposes, preserve His people, and defeat her enemies.


    And, despite what happened in the 2020 election, Homeschooling in the Age of Trump means realizing that, as scholar Steve Turley has demonstrated, we are entering a new age of traditionalism. All the major trends are moving in favor of culture, custom, and tradition, and away from globalist policies and ideas.


    That’s why The Christendom Curriculum includes a Battle Paper on Homeschooling in The Age of Trump. Ultimately, it is not Trump himself that is important, but the awakening of our people to the dangers and evils of our enemies, and the move back toward traditional views of the nation.


    There is much to do, and many battles left to fight. We are by no means out of the woods yet, nor is the outcome of the war certain.


    But homeschooling in these wild times means working and studying with a sense of optimism and hope.


    That optimism and hope are central to the educational philosophy of The Christendom Curriculum.

  • Have Questions? Interested in a Free Sample?

    Get our extensive FAQ (50+ questions), along with our free Sample Pack here. Below are a few basic questions.

    How does The Christendom Curriculum work?

    The Christendom Curriculum is a large compilation of electronic format books (PDF), mostly older works, free of the politically correct leftist activism of our day. We also provide a number of helps and guides for parents and students, but the basic setup is very simple: Students spend their academic hours in reading, writing, and arithmetic. Note: for those who prefer to print electronic books, we have some information in the Christendom Curriculum to help you.

    How much work will I have to do as a parent?

    As a self-taught homeschool program, The Christendom Curriculum requires little direct teaching work for parents, particularly as children reach about Year 5 (fifth grade). Because we believe strongly in the necessity of parents passing on their wisdom, faith, and heritage to their children, we allow time for that to happen each day. But there are no tests to grade, no lesson plans to work through, and no homework to supervise.

    How does The Christendom Curriculum teach students about such matters as Feminism, Social Justice Warriors, etc.?

    We provide carefully selected Reading Courses that deal with a variety of subjects related to our current culture wars, including Feminism, Social Justice, Cultural Marxism, Local Reform, and more. Our original Battle Papers (Worldview/Culture War Essays) provide essential guidance through important issues, and our Reading for Learning method helps young scholars know what to look for, and what questions to ask, as they read. We even provide a short but interesting series on Culture Wars for Kids, tailored to younger ages, but going over the principles that will be vital to understand later. No other curriculum is even thinking about these subjects.

    Why focus so much on your own civilization over others?

    This is like asking, “Why focus so much on your own children over others?” To love your own in no way means that you must harbor bad feelings toward others. Besides, it would be somewhat arrogant for us to presume to teach people of other civilizations how to handle their own cultures. While we believe God wants a diversity of nations, each serving and glorifying Him in their own cultural ways, we know our own civilization better than we know others; and frankly, our civilization is in great trouble now, and needs a little attention.​

    Do you believe Western Civilization is better than all others in every way?

    No. Every nation and civilization has its strengths and weaknesses. In fact, one of the important principles guiding The Christendom Curriculum is that the West, including America, has turned away from God, and needs to repent in order to return to the cultural greatness we once had.

  • Today Is a New Beginning

    This is your chance to begin passing on the legacy of Christendom to your children. It’s time to reclaim what has been lost and raise up a new generation to defend and rebuild America and Western Civilization.


    Replace or supplement your homeschool program with The Christendom Curriculum today, and you’ll get a complete Pre-K through 12 homeschool curriculum free of political correctness, for only $187.00 $99.99/year.



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