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    But first, I want to give you an opportunity to lock in your membership in The Christendom Curriculum at a greatly reduced price.


    A family of three children can expect to be homeschooling for around 20 years. At $99.99 a year for The Christendom Curriculum, this comes to a total of $1,999.80 (more for larger families).


    Which is an amazing deal, by the way, for a lifetime of home education for all your children: Some curricula charge more than $1,000 for a single month!


    But today only, we are offering you an even better opportunity. If you purchase a lifetime membership to The Christendom Curriculum today, we'll reduce that price by 20%.


    That means your total, lifetime cost, paid today, will be only $1,599.84, with nothing further to pay, ever.


    But actually, it will be less than that, because you've already paid $99.99 for your first year. So that makes your remaining Lifetime Membership cost only $1,499.85.


    This is the best price you'll find for a curriculum that offers so many resources--and it's an even better deal for large families.


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    Now, here's your link to join our Christendom Curriculum member's only site and group: bit.ly/CC_Access


    (Note that this link is for the use of you and your household only. If you know anyone else who would like to join The Christendom Curriculum, direct them here for purchase: https://www.christendomcurriculum.com/learn-more)

    After clicking the CC link above, you'll see a red Access button. Click this. You'll need to create an account with user id and password. Then you'll "Confirm Purchase" (which will be $0.00 since you're already a member).

    When you get in, answer our Icebreaker question, then go to Start Here on your feed to learn how to get around. Be sure to also read the articles (which should be visible at the top of your feed) "Welcome New Members" and "How to Find Curriculum Materials."

    Then, just start exploring! "Topics" is where you'll find all the Curriculum materials. "General Resources" has our Parent's Library and more.

    There is a ton of stuff to explore, so look around, click around, and ask questions about anything you like. This is your curriculum home and we want you to feel at home.

    See you there!

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